Raging Floods


Facts about Floods


A flood is when there is a dry area of land that is covered in water. A flood is one of the most common natural disasters. When the water is high it will spill on to really low land. In a bad flood or even a flash flood houses can be swept away. People can die of drowning or can be injured. It can change people’s lives by making them homeless. The water cycle can cause a flood. A flood can go for days or even weeks. If you want to know if you can drive in a flood the answer is no because 2 feet of water can float a car or even a bus. When it rains or snows or ice melts it will over flow the lakes and rivers and even oceans. The entire mini droplets join together to make one bigger droplet.


A flood will crash down people’s houses and really can wreck farmers’ fields so the wheat and fruit will not grow because plants cannot get too much water or they will die. It harms people’s lives because it could kill people or hurt them badly. Flash floods are the number 1 most weather related killer in the USA. Nearly 80% of flash flood deaths are auto related.

Safety Plan

In a flood, try to stay out of flood water if it is possible. Notify your neighbours if you have any information about a flood that is about to hit or is coming in a days’ time. Use a stick or some kind of testing tool to test the depth of the water. If you can, try as hard as you can to save your pets. Keep as far away from power lines as you can. Keep your iPhone or your radio close and keep it on to so it can notify you about any flood or other dangerous weather that is about to hit. Try to avoid moving at night so you will not drive in to any hazards up a head. Notify an emergency service such as police.

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Fun Facts and Wonders

Did you know that one full bath tub of water can weigh over 1,600 pounds?

Over 100 people were saved from the St. Colin’s flash flood. Flash floods move very quickly and 2 feet of water can wash away a car or even a bus. Road bridges get washed away. During the southern Russia flood, over 100 people were killed and 100,000 people were left homeless.

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