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Issue 14, September 2019

FUSION 2019 | Cross Faculty Functional Team Conference

Building Stronger Connections | Wagga, May 2019

FUSION saw over 140 staff come together from each of the three Faculties. This was the first time this extended group of staff had come together, the conference providing many with their first opportunity to meet counterparts and colleagues from other campuses, teams and Faculties.

The conference had a rich and robust program, commencing on day one with an ADKAR Change Management workshop coordinated by Annette Figgis, Manager of the CSU Change Centre of Excellence. During this session, staff completed an activity on how to apply the ADKAR model when enacting change.

Attendees were also updated on CSU Strategic Initiatives in the form of a CRM Project Update by the CRM Implementation Team, and a CSU Brand Update provided by Marketing.

The final activity on day one was an End-to-end process session in which staff mapped out a work process from start to finish to garner a deeper understanding and appreciation of it. Some divisional partners and Course Directors were invited along to participate in this session and we thank them for their contributions.

On the Second day, we had a session delivered by Genevieve Doyle from the Change Centre of Excellence called CSU Values in Action, a session with the PROVOST and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor John Germov, and a talk by our Keynote Speaker John Buchanan on high performing teams.

Overall, the conference was a great success, with staff making meaningful connections, putting problem solving into practice and thinking ‘big picture’. We thank you for your patience whilst professional staff were attending this Professional Development activity.

Big picture

LinkedIn Learning to replace Lynda.com

What? DIT have upgraded one of the Charles Sturt Learning and Development Applications – Lynda.com – to LinkedIn Learning.

When? Commenced 9 July 2019

Why? Lynda.com is now owned by LinkedIn Learning and all organisations are being transferred to the LinkedIn Learning platform. The new platform offers additional features to provide a more personalised experience.

What does the change involve?

As of 9 July 2019 you will no longer be able to access Lynda.com. Within the upgrade process all your learning activity and history will be seamlessly transferred to LinkedIn Learning.

After the upgrade you will receive an email to activate your LinkedIn Learning account, at which time you will have the option to connect your personal LinkedIn account. If you don’t have an existing LinkedIn account you can create one, or you can choose to continue without connecting to a LinkedIn account. Access to LinkedIn Learning will be via single sign-on, using your CSU username & password.

What is LinkdIn Learning?

Like Lynda.com, LinkedIn Learning is an online subscription library that provides staff & students access to high-quality courses on a wide variety of technologies and disciplines. It offers recommended learning paths across a range of topics, from Business to Education, Software to Marketing.

How does this change impact me?

If you have used course mapping on Lynda.com you need to do an update with LinkedIn Learning. Please contact Nicole Russell, Strategic Project Officer (FoBJBS) via email nicrussell@csu.edu.au, and we can ensure the course mapping is in place at the time of transfer to LinkedIn Learning.

Other than that, there is little impact as the same content as Lynda.com is available in LinkedIn Learning.

How can I utilise course mapping in LinkdIn Learning?

LinkedIn provide a service for course mapping – we send them a list of skills or capabilities and they then map the relevant courses and videos and send this to us in a spreadsheet. It is a great way to cut down time searching and to start putting together collections or learning paths for groups. To get the course mapping completed relevant to your group (staff or students) please contact; nicrussell@csu.edu.au, and we can ensure this request is sent to LinkedIn Learning and completed for you.

More information

Alison Foale | afoale@csu.edu.au or ext. 19669

Big picture

CRM | Project Updates

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Project

As a key enabler of the student strategy, an improved central platform will enable our academic and professional staff to have more effective, supported, personalised and engaged interactions with our current students.

As you may be aware, the customer relationship management system (CRM) Microsoft Dynamics was recently launched to the Advancement team replacing the old CRM Talisma. The project has now moved into the next phase for Current Students, with initial design workshops commencing Monday 29 July.

The CRM will help create a strong and sustainable University community, providing a 360 degree view of students and deeper insights to engage and support our students. It will also enable us to transform our staff experience by reducing the complexity of multiple systems and siloed ways of working, improving business process and driving a collaborative culture to deliver optimal, integrated services.

In May, Kellie Lynch (CRM Product Owner) and Mark Westerman (CRM Manager) attended the Cross Faculty Conference to provide information on the project and throughout July and August, Kellie has met with each Faculty Administration Team to Showcase the new CRM.

Faculty Administration Team Representatives (one representative from each team) are attending regular meetings with Kellie; providing feedback on system requirements; and helping keep their teams informed. Thank you to the Faculty Representatives:

Faculty of Science
Carissa Haines, Cara Platt, Julie Clement, Kim Kendell

Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences
Rebecca Salmon, Renee Warr, Leanne Jones, Kirrily Welsh

Faculty of Arts and Education

Kathleen Parnell, Nicole Longhurst, Laura Bloomfield, Rachel Fowler

Please contact Kellie Lynch (kelynch@csu.edu.au) if you would like further information on the CRM project.

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Migration of Procedures and Knowledge Articles to Confluence

The Faculty Administration Teams are in the process of migrating existing knowledge articles (procedures) from the share drive into Confluence.

We have taken a staggered approach to implementation, with the Faculty Operations Teams and Course Administration Teams migrating first and the Subject Administration Teams and Workplace Learning Teams migrating shortly after. Concurrently, training schedules have been created for Faculty Administration Users and Confluence Champions (a member from each team), which will take place throughout August and September. We plan for all teams to be using Confluence to access and manage their procedures by the end of September.

Please contact Kellie Lynch (kelynch@csu.edu.au) if you would like further information on the Implementation of Confluence for the Faculty Administration Team.

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FOS | Workplace Learning & NSW Ambulance Service

FOS WPL team members Amy Dalton and Damian Smith were invited to the recent opening of the new Ambulance Service of NSW station at Bathurst. The invite and attendance is testimony to the great relationship that CSU have with Ambulance of New South Wales, and a great reflection of the CSU Values.

CSU Values / A Celebration of Success

Inclusive | Stronger Together

At the heart of Charles Sturt University's mission, has always been the understanding of knowing that at any given point, we are always part of something greater than ourselves.

We're a chapter in the individual life stories of our students, as well as the broader communities we engage with. Each experience and relationship, singular and unique, but all bound by the same common threads: the pursuit of excellence through learning, and the overarching desire to create a world worth living in.

But we know that to do any of that effectively, with any modicum of lasting success, takes a group effort. One committed to not just a common goal, but to processes along the way that encourage equality, diversity and innovation through meaningful discussion. All of it, unhindered by any gender-based, faith-based or socio-economic circumstances of the people involved.

In a word, inclusivity.

With that in mind, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate those involved in the recent Girls in Cyber Security Advancing (GiCSA) project, which was recently recognised with the Best Education Program for Young Ladies in Security prize at the 2019 Cyber Security Online Women in Security Awards.

The project was designed to encourage women and girls to pursue careers in cyber security, and in doing so, help address the significant gender imbalance of this increasingly important field. Project leader, Associate Professor Tanveer Zia (School of Computing and Mathematics), perhaps summed it up best when he spoke of his motivation in being part of this initiative.

“I took this project with passion to increase the involvement of women in cyber security and contribute to equity, diversity and inclusion in the wider community."

We would like to congratulate Associate Professor Via and his team, and express our gratitude for the way in which they are daily working to both embody this core value of the University, and empower young women seeking to apply their passion and intellect in this sector.

For more information on this project, and the award received, click here.

Associate Professor Tanveer Zia | 2019 Cyber Security Online Women in Security Awards
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CSU Ethos

yindyamarra winhanganha means the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.

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