By: Maya Garg

Writing a short story research

Why did I pick this?

Writing has never been one of my favorite things, that's because I'm not very good at it. So I figured I would take the chance to get better at it. I also wanted to get a more creative outlook on how I do assignments in school, which will help lead to better grades.

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The study process

1. I had to look up/ research popular genres for short stories.

2. To do that I set up a poll and surprisingly, in two months, one hundred and seventy nine people had replied. To set up the poll, I used Survey Monkey.

3. Next I had to research different writing techniques to use in a short story.

4. Then l had to pick a genre, I decided that I would write science-fiction, adventure, and historical-fiction.

5. Then I had to come up with an outline

6.Finally I had to start writing. ( Only the rough draft)

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Changes the study has gone under

I started out wanting to meet with publishers, have a full story finished, and maybe start the publishing process, but after hearing Rebecca Stead mention that writing a story could take anywhere from 2-6 years, I decided to change my goal from being so lofty, to being something much more achievable goal. Which is

start researching about plot line

develop storyline

and write

What my plan is for the rest of the year

Write. I have spent all of this time researching and now it is time to apply all the research I have gained.

demonstration of knowledge in subject

basic overview:

Spencer Park is a normal teenage boy in all the ways you can think, he enjoys sports, plays video games, and watches ESPN when he's home alone. Except, he's not normal. Meet Spencer, a high tech, gadget loving, teenage agent. He's top of his class at Cambridge University and is about to go on his first mission. He will travel back in time to 40 bc. There he will be placed as one of Cleopatra's closest accomplices, her body guard. He will experience some of the most tragic and interesting events in history.

Writing tips and advice gained from research..........

My most helpful writing tips that I have learned:

1. use short sentences

2. use short first paragraphs positive, not negative :

• Instead of saying “inexpensive,” say “economical,”

• Instead of saying “this procedure is painless,” say “there’s little discomfort” or “it’s relatively comfortable,”

• And instead of saying “this software is error-free” or “foolproof,” say “this software is consistent” or “stable.”


FROM THE PLOT LINE.Keep it. When doing the final revision, or doing an editing cut, THEN if it doesn't go with the story or you don't like it, delete it.

5. DIALOGUE in a recent survey done by, the majority of people said that they enjoyed reading dialogue more than reading feelings an emotions, although that is important too.

6. 1st person is the most preferred POV ( point of view ) because it sounds more as if the the character is talking to you and connecting with you