Hillcrest Family Update

October 30, 2019

A Message from the Principal

Oh my goodness! It is so GREAT to be back! I have missed everyone so very much! I am still on the road to recovery, becoming more active and agile everyday. I appreciate all of the text messages, emails and phone calls. Thank you for thinking of me.

We are in the 2nd nine weeks grading period. Your child should have come home with their report card this past Monday. If you have not seen it, please ask them about it.

Below you will find information on what your child will be learning in the coming weeks. If you have questions about any of it, please contact your child's teacher.

We have a big event November 22nd - our Code to the Future showcase where students will tell you all about the technology immersion they have been involved in. There will be more information coming so keep your eyes open.

It's cold out there - keep warm!

~ E. Carter

Reading Language Arts


Unit 4 - Understanding what we read and write by painting a picture in our mind

Unit 5 - Understanding what we read and write by reading between the lines

Unit 6 - Understanding what we read and write by determining importance & synthesizing

1st Grade

Unit 4 - Understanding what we read and write by using mental images

Unit 5 - Understanding what we read and write by using inferencing

Unit 6 - Understanding what we read and write by looking for important details & synthesis

2nd Grade

Unit 4 - Visualizing to comprehend

Unit 5 - Inferring, determine key ideas and synthesize to comprehend

3rd Grade

Unit 4 - Visualizing to Comprehend

Unit 5 - Inferring, determining key ideas and synthesizing to comprehend

4th Grade

Unit 2C - Author's Purpose & Craft: Learning & Leveraging the Power of Words

Unit 3A - Examining & developing the heart of the story

Unit 3B - Examining different forms of fiction in traditional literature



Unit 4 - Addition and subtraction(modeling, representing & explaining)

Unit 5 - Data Analysis with numbers 0-10

Unit 6 - Introducing & developing number 11-15 (counting up to 90)

Unit 7 - Addition & Subtraction

1st Grade

Unit 5 - Addition & Subtraction up to 20

Unit 6 - Foundations of numbers up to 99

Unit 7 - Number relationships up to 99

2nd Grade

Unit 3 - Addition & subtraction without algorithm

Unit 4 - 2D & 3D figures

3rd Grade

Unit 4 - Data Analysis

Unit 5 - Relating multiplication to division

Unit 6 - Representing fractions

Unit 7 - Application of multiplication & division

Unit 8 - Personal Financial Literacy

4th Grade

Unit 5 - Using all operations

Unit 6 - Fractions

Unit 7 - Data representations

Science Fair

Timeline Due Dates:

  • November 8th - Title, Problem, Hypothesis
  • November 15th - Procedures, materials
  • November 22nd - Data, Results, Pictures, & Conclusion
  • December 3rd - Final Boards Due!
  • December 6th - Science Fair Board Judging Day

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November 22nd Hillcrest will be hosting their first showcase for Code to the Future. CTTF is America's leader in computer science immersion. Through its work with school districts across the country, and hubs in every major region of the U.S., Code To The Future supports rapid advancement in the areas of computer science education, STEM, and education technology integration.


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PK - 95.7%

KG - 94.8%

1ST - 95.8%

2ND - 96.7

3RD - 96%

4TH - 96%


Students who had perfect attendance the first 9 weeks will get an ice cream treat next Friday.


Monday, Dec. 2nd, 9am

1400 Morningside Drive

Alice, TX

Those students who participated in the fundraiser and sold at least 3 items will join us for the magic show.


Friday, Dec. 6th, 8:15am

1400 Morningside Drive

Alice, TX

This is for students who reached their high selling rate goals of 6 items for the school fundraiser.
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16th at Alice High School Auditorium

PK-1 @ 6:00

2-4 @ 6:45


Wednesday, Dec. 18th, 12pm

1400 Morningside Drive

Alice, TX

Students who sold 22 items for the school fundraiser will receive a limo lunch ride. Sell 30 items and they get to bring a friend!
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