Banksmeadow Public School

Staff Bulletin Term 3 Week 4 - 4 - 8 August

Week 4

Mon 23

  • 9.00 - Morning Assembly
  • Roxanne at Showcase rehearsal - Michele in
  • Kathy sick - Elizabeth covering
  • Dance Fever K - 6 *See note below*
  • 1pm Cathy at Preschool Principal's meeting - Mascot PS

Tues 24

  • 8.15 - L&ST meeting
  • Group of teachers & principal from Annandale PS visiting - looking at the use of iPads in the classroom
  • Eric - computer coordinator day - Susie in
  • Kelly in
  • Rosemary in as SLSO on KT
  • Igal not in
  • Stage Meetings
  • Showcase at the Juniors 2nd performance

Wed 25

  • 8.15 - Exec meeting
  • 9.30 - Debate at Carlton PS - Eric & team attending + Cathy
  • 12.00 - Assembly

Thurs 26

  • 8.15 - Staff meeting
  • Electrical tagging - yes it was done in May but they're doing it again!
  • Elizabeth, Kathy, Kate, Mona & Lisa at Preschool conference. Elisha & Rosemary in Preschool replacing Elizabeth & Mona
  • Jess replacing Elisha - RFF
  • 3.15 - Staff PL - Adobe Connect Maths session in Eric's room

Fri 27

  • PSSA
  • Preschool Conference - Elizabeth & Mona - Elisha & Rosemary replacing them
  • Jess replacing Elisha on RFF
  • Deb replacing Lisa - SLSO on Kinder
  • Brendan & Ben at district athletics carnival - Yr 6 leftovers split, Michele on 4M
  • Yarn Up Showcase

Dance Fever

Any child who has not paid for Dance Fever and/or does not have a signed permission note is to be sent to your "buddy" class with some work to do. The work should not be arduous but related to current work in the classroom. Preferably not busy tasks like colouring in. So spelling, handwriting, maths activity or finishing off work in progress. Please be low key about sending them to another room and do not publicly say "you haven't paid". There is currently a complaint by a parent regarding this program and I do not want it escalated.

All Aboriginal students will have their Dance Fever costs covered by the Aboriginal Education money we have.

I will try and let each teacher know tomorrow morning who needs to go to another room during the dance fever session. I know some of you feel sorry for the kids (and I get that) but there needs to be consistency over this.


Just a reminder that all teaching staff should be on school premises from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. I know, at times, people are late in the morning because of traffic etc or have to get away in the afternoon for appointments but as a general rule you should be available during those times.


  • Helene starts her LSL next Monday 11
  • Kathy starts her LSL next Thursday 14

We hope they both have an enjoyable break.