Self-Service Directions

How to check books out to yourself when Mrs. Flynt is busy!


The Destiny site should already be up and running. If for some reason it has been logged out, click “Login” in the top right corner; the username is self and the password is service.


Once you are logged in and see the words “Self Service” in the top right, click on the “Circulation” tab at the top.

To Check OUT a Book:

Select the “Check Out” tab on the left side.

Key in your student ID number in the "find" box.

Check and make sure that you are on the correct account. You should see your name and face on the screen.

Hold the book under the scanner. Scan the barcode on the front of the book. If you do not see the cover of the book appear on the screen, you might need to hit "Enter."

Observe the due date to the right of the book on the screen.

Write your due date on the date-due card, and place it in the front pocket of each book.

To clear your account off the screen so that no one else is checking out books on your account, press the “Reset” button.

Do NOT click the "Log Out" button.

To Check IN a Book:

Drop your books in the book drop at the front counter. Mrs. Flynt will take care of checking in books. You can have up to 7 books at a time on your account (as long as you don't owe any fines), so feel free to check out more books on your account even if Mrs. Flynt has not yet checked in your books.

To RENEW a Book:

Click the “Renew” button to the left.

You do not need to key in your student ID number.

Scan the barcode on the front of the book you want to renew, and update the new due date on the date-due card in the front pocket.

Or, you can key in your student ID number under the Check Out tab, and click the "Renew All" button on the bottom left, under the list of books you have checked out.

If you need more help:

Feel free to ring the bell if you need Mrs. Flynt to come over and assist you with the self check out station. If she is eating lunch or teaching in the library classroom, she might not be available to help. Usually there is a library student aid available to help. Otherwise, if you have any concerns, you can leave a sticky note with your ID number and issue for Mrs. Flynt to address when she is back at the front desk.


When you are finished checking out books to yourself, do not press the LOG OUT button. Instead, press the RESET button to clear your account off the screen. That will prevent anyone else from checking out books on YOUR account.