By Morgan Payne

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What was the railroad?

-The railroad was built in 1863 to 1869 by three companies across the western United States; connecting the pacific coast to the existing eastern u.s. railroad network.

- Its purpose was to connect the eastern and western coast, to be used to ship meat and agriculture products, and to help move settlers

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How did the railroad help people in the West?

-Farmers before the railroad had to transport cattle to the market by the cattle drive, but after the railroad they could quickly and easily transport them by train

-They could also transport their crops to the market quicker without worrying about them spoiling or rotting with the invention of refrigerated trian car

-This was also a cheeper way to transpot their goods and be more efficient

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The railroad today.

-Today the railroad is different because they made trains bigger, better, and faster with new techonology advancements

-There is also 150,000 route miles in the US today compared to the 30,000 route miles in 1860