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Forts Pond Elementary School 2022 - 2023 Family Newsletter

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  • Forts Pond Elementary students will become self-directed, collaborative, creative and caring learners who flourish in the global, competitive 21st century

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Important Dates to Know


  • December 16 - Classroom Winter Parties
  • December 16 - January 1 - Winter Break
  • January 2 - Weather Make-Up Day - No School
  • January 9 - 12 - iReady Benchmarking Window
  • January 12 - End of the 2nd Nine Weeks
  • January 13 - No School - Teacher Workday
  • January 16 - No School for Staff and Students - MLK Jr. Day
  • January 20 - Mallard University - 7:00 am
  • January 24 - Report Cards Go Home
  • January 31 - Bingo For Books 6:00 pm
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Welcome Mrs. Watson

we are delighted to share with you that Marie Watson will serve as interim principal of FPES for the remainder of the school year. Ms. Watson is a veteran educator and school administrator with 30 years of experience. She served as principal of Red Bank Elementary School from 2003 until her retirement in 2019. Ms. Watson holds a Bachelor of Arts in art studio, a Master of Arts in teaching and art education, and a Master of Educational Leadership in Administration from the University of South Carolina.

Ms. Watson will support FPES staff, students and families during this transition. Ms. Watson will help your students and school continue to grow and shine. We are excited to have her here with us!

Congrats to the FPES Run Hard Team on Completing their 5K

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Are You Interested in being a Volunteer??

If you are interested in volunteering at FPES, please click this form for the district background check. Once completed and approved, your name has been included on the district's approved list.

Volunteer Link in Spanish

Curriculum Corner

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Getting Festive!

Winter is a great opportunity to celebrate with fun, hands‑on and educational activities to keep those creative juices flowing over the holiday break. Here are some great Holiday reading activities that are designed to keep your child entertained and practicing those important literacy skills while getting into the festive spirit. Enjoy!

1. A Holiday Poem

Get your child to brainstorm things that remind them of the Holiday. Encourage them to think about items, animals, foods, activities, and emotions (e.g. excitement, surprise, happiness). Once they've thought up a good list of Holiday‑related things, help them compose a poem about the Holiday.

2. Create a Holiday Scrapbook

Flip through newspapers, catalogs, and magazines together and find things that remind you of the Holiday to paste into a Holiday scrapbook. You can add your own drawings and family photos too! Get your child to label each of the things they have included in their scrapbook and encourage them to write the words clearly. For example, if you choose a photo of snow, have them write “This is snow.” as a caption. Say the words aloud or show them how to write certain words first if they need some extra help.

3. Write to Santa

Let your child practice their letter-writing skills by reviving this traditional Holiday past time! Get your child to draft a wish list in proper letter form, complete with a date, greeting, a body paragraph, a closing note, and a signature. You can even get them to personalize the letter with information about themselves and how good they've been in the past year.

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Playing Games is a Great Way to Practice

Playing games at home with your child can be fun, engaging, and academically beneficial. Working with letters and sounds to help build words helps children with their spelling development even when they are not actively reading and writing. There are many games that you probably know of like Boggle, Boggle Jr., Scrabble Jr., and Bananagram. All of these games have something in common - children build words with letters and word parts to receive points.

Did you know you could build something like this at home with scrap pieces of paper and have your own competitions to build words? Here is one I've made.

Here's how to play:

* Put the letters and word parts in the center of the table and give everyone a blank piece of paper.

* You can work as a team or independently (set a timer if working independently) to come up with as many words as you can using the letters and word parts.

* Share the words that are made to see if they are real words or nonsense words. Tally how many points you received for your words. (You will want to assign points to letters before the game starts. For example, 1 letter gets 1 point, vowels get 2 points, vowel teams get 4 points, etc.)

* The person with the most points WINS! Choose new letters and play again.

It is so much fun to play games with kids at home that are educational because it helps build their spelling development in a joyful, engaging, and motivating way!

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Check out the Little Mallards and so much more!

Our family liaison is here to connect families to resources needed between home and school to further students’ academic and social-emotional success.

Please reach out to her at (803)821-2552 or

Counselor Corner

Your Administrators

Important FPES Information

Attendance is Important!

Was your student absent?? Send in an excuse here!

  • Complete the form
  • Scan a medical note or parent note here.
  • Continue to send them with your students to the school.

Please remember - absences become unlawful after 3-5 unexcused days and truancy proceedings will begin. If your student is absent, please ensure the school has an excuse.

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New COVID Reporting Procedures

Go to your Parent Portal to report the positive case.

You will receive a follow-up email to let you and the school know when the quarantine is over. (5 days at home - Can return for days 6-10 wearing a mask or remain home for the ten days.)

Families are required to provide proof of the positive results. This can be submitted through the district form for at home testing or a medical notes with the diagnosis. If positive results are not provided, the absences will be excused solely as a parent note. (Students get 10 parent notes per year before it is unlawful)

There are no quarantine expectations for close contacts.

Any Celebrations Coming Up?

You can use this form to complete an order for celebrations!! Feel free to contact Mrs. Vicki Jenkins, our cafeteria manager, with any questions. You can also call the school at 803-821-2500

This year, families are allowed to bring in packaged items for celebrations.

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Community Events

Refer to the following sites for a calendar of events with all Pelion Area Schools:

Pelion Elementary School (

Pelion Middle School (

Pelion High School (

Pelion High School Athletics (


Lexington County School District One does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability or age in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities. The following people have been designated to handle inquiries or complaints. The Chief Human Resources Officer handles inquiries/complaints regarding Title IX. The Director of Middle Schools handles inquiries/complaints regarding Section 504. The Mathematics Coordinator handles inquiries/complaints regarding Title II. Contact these people if you have questions regarding these issues at 100 Tarrar Springs Road, Lexington, SC 29072, and telephone 803-821-1000.