Bones To Ashes

Chynna Fahrholz


In Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs, Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist. Her detective friend Hippo brings some young ancient bones to her attention. At this point she remembers her good friend Evangeline, who she met when she was at a low time in her life. This was her best friend who disappeared in her mid-teens. Tempe has never and will never stop searching for her dear friend.

Tempe, Ryan, and Hippo

This shows Tempe sharing the information she had gathered from the bones that Ryan and Hippo had sent her to evaluate. She's goes into depth and tells them everything that she knows about each set of bones they have sent to her.

Detectives Ryan and Hippo

Detective Ryan is working several stressful cases, in which he has found 3 dead teenage girls, and has 3 missing persons. (MPs). Hippo however, is trying to help him out and has recently told Tempe about some bones that one of his colleagues have found that seem to have belonged to a young child. They all suspect foul play.

The first place Tempe met Evangeline

The beach is the first place that Tempe and Evangeline. When she met Evangeline she had just lost her brother and father. They had so many things in common despite the age difference, and would come to the beach almost everyday to chat about something new.