Brain Jack Times

By: Beyoncé McKinnon, & Rose Ribera


Someone hacked into the system and they got away with it. They've been terrorizing the team and who would have known who could have been next? First Swamp Witch, then Dodge. Everyone thinks it has been Sam and Dodge all along, except Vienna, now the CDD agents are after them. They fled to Las Vegas and stayed in 1 of the only houses that was left. They held one of the CDD agents captive, and then he got away.

Dear Caroline

Dear Caroline,

I've had a crush on this girl since I've started working with her. When we first met i felt that she hated me until we had kissed. But then we kissed again on her birthday but i made an excuse that the reason i kissed her was because it was her birthday. Should i act like that kiss never happened? Or...

Sincerely, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

If you really like her, i think that you should go for it. If you guys kissed twice wouldn't you think something of you guys relationship? Seeing that she let you kiss her and you let her kiss you? If you like her alot then I think you should tell her how you feeI. I say its worth the shot.

5 stars

Sam never imagined that one hack could lead to a national disaster. Brain Jack by Brian Falkner is the story of Sam, a teenage hacker with amazing skill. In his world, online gaming is considered as bad as drug use, and neuro-headsets allow you to control your computer with your mind. Also, Las Vegas was destroyed in a nuclear attack by unknown people in an event known only as Vegas. If any security system can be broken, what happens if someone hacks into your headset? Sam and those like him try to stop the cyberterrorists, and eventually Sam's talent gets him into trouble.
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