January 23, 2023 Assessment Smore

The Latest News from ESC 17 with Information from TEA


Congratulations to these districts that have given at least 90% of their eligible students a minimum of one At Bat in the Cambium platform, as defined by Commissioner Morath. Great work in preparing your students for STAAR!

Brownfield, Betty Condra, Cotton Center, Dawson, Guthrie, Jayton-Girard, Klondike, Littlefield, Loop, Meadow, Olton, Plains, Plainview, Rise Academy, Roosevelt, Ropes, Sands, Sudan, Wellman-Union, Whiteface, and Wilson ISDs.

STAAR Redesign Training at ESC 17

We have had several districts request a repeat session of the STAAR Redesign training on November 3rd led by our ESC Specialists. We will be doing the training again on Monday, January 30th. The morning time will be in a whole group session where we will give the latest STAAR training and updates. The afternoon time will be spent with our content specialists focusing on new item types, scoring rubrics, and blueprints specific to their content.

We hope you are able to join us! Session 919802

**This would be excellent for any newly hired teachers who teach a tested subject**

TFAR for Leaders

Recently added – by request – TFAR for Leaders. This is half day training is intended for Administrators, Instructional Coaches, Central Office, DTCs, CTCs, etc. If you want to see an overview of the program, if your district is thinking about implementing this next year, or if you have no plans for implementation for your district, but want to make sure you have clear information, this is the training for you. There will be no pressure to start TFAR, however I can show the platform, answer questions, and give you the ins and outs of this platform. We will introduce TFAR, coach through the navigation of the software, learn how to create item types and assessments through the TFAR and Cambium platforms. I will be showing the data piece, the proctoring piece, and how to use the platform to proctor Amplify and Eureka assessments. Monday, Feb 20th 9-12

TFAR Libraries Update

Over the weekend, TFAR has streamlined the process for finding question items and adding them them to tests by reorganizing their Libraries. We will be updating our video trainings and the TFAR click sheets that are housed in this folder. If you need help in the mean time, just reach out to me or your content specialist.

Upcoming TETNs and Trainings

Jan 26th - TETN #1117- Spring updates: STAAR Alt 2, TELPAS, and TELPAS Alt

* I will be a panelist so if you have a question when watching that you want asked, email it to me and I will ask for you.

Jan 30th - STAAR Redesign - 919812

Feb 9th - TETN #1118 - Spring 2023 STAAR Program Refresher

Feb 15th - TETN #1080 - TSNAP (TSNAP members will access link from TSNAP site)

Feb 16th AM- All DTC and New CTC training - 901463

Feb 17th - STAA4ward for Literacy (rescheduled) - 907366

Feb 20th AM - TFAR for Leaders - 931061

March 1st - STAAR Alt 2 Training (repeat session) - 930710

March 3rd - TETN 1087 - EL Supports

May 5th - TETN #1088 - EL Supports

ASL Videos on Practice Tests

Additional practice tests for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) redesign are available on the Practice Test Site that include American Sign Language (ASL) videos. These practice tests demonstrate how new item types will appear for students who use ASL. TEA is continuing to update this and add more videos in more subjects.

Switching Between Calculators

Make sure your students know that in the Cambium platform, when a calculator is available, they can click this button on the calculator to toggle between whichever calculators are available for that student. i.e., Basic, Graphing, Desmos, Scientific

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

As described in the January 2, 2023 To The Administrator Addressed, TEA intends to submit an amendment to the state’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) state plan to adjust the methodology and targets within the Closing the Gaps domain in alignment with the refresh. A detailed summary of the proposed Closing the Gaps changes and a full draft of the ESSA amendment with changes highlighted is available here.

TELPAS Information

  • TELPAS training modules for raters are posted in the LMS.
  • This is a link to the Rater Manual.
  • Elda's Rater training is in her MOY LPAC folder and also here.
  • TEA sent an email on Jan 18th to Regional and District Testing Coordinators with an update on the process of TELPAS Holistic Rating Submission. A copy of that email can be found here.
  • As the TELPAS writing domain is being updated for 2023, TEA is proposing evaluating the ELP component differently for 2023 accountability.

    • TELPAS results are evaluated at the domain level in place of the composite rating.
    • A student is considered to have made progress if the student advances or is scored as Advanced High or Basic Fluency, in at least two of the three domains from the prior year (2022) to the current year (2023).
    • The three evaluated domains are listening, speaking, and reading.
    • Only students evaluated in all three domains in both 2022 and 2023 are evaluated.
    • For 2024, the ELP methodology will return to the use of the TELPAS composite rating.
  • District technology staff can begin performing system checks on testing devices beginning January 23, 2023. Any updates or patches applied to operating systems or software necessary for online testing require additional system checks. Technology changes, including the application of software patches, cannot be made during a test administration. District coordinators and technology staff should use the available resources and complete the tasks listed on the System Checks page in the District and Campus Coordinator Resources.

  • Beginning January 30, 2023, testing personnel can create test sessions for TELPAS in the Test Administrator Interface of the Test Delivery System (TDS). For instructions on how to create a test session, refer to the TDS User Guide or the How to Create Test Sessions training video in the District and Campus Coordinator Resources.
  • Link to Elda's TELPAS/LPAC Smore

Ashley Nelson - Regional Testing Coordinator

Ashley is the Education Specialist working with State Assessments, Tutoring, Intervention, HB4545, and the At Bats Online Assessment Initiative. Please reach out with any questions