What's Happening at Sparkman HS/S9

March 21-26, 2016

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Monday, March 21

  • Tennis V Boys at James Clemens
  • Dance Team Tryouts
  • Baseball JV at Bob Jones(DH)

Tuesday, March 22

  • SHS First Priority
  • Dance Team Tryouts
  • Soccer JV/V Boys at James Clemens
  • Baseball V vs Oxford(DH)
  • Softball JV/V vs Bob Jones
  • Softball vs Bob Jones

Wednesday, March 23

  • Golf V Boys/Girls vs James Clemens
  • Tennis Girls/Boys Madison County Tournament
  • Dance Team Tryouts
  • Outdoor Track JV Bob Jones JR HS Meet
  • Baseball JV @ Hartselle(DH)

Thursday, March 24

  • S9 First priority and FCA at 7:50 in the S9 auditorium
  • Report Cards
  • Golf V Boys/Girls at Hazel Green Invitational
  • Softball at Florence
  • Tennis Boys/Girls at Madison County Tournament
  • HS SGA Meeting
  • Dance Team Tryouts
  • Outdoor Track at Deshler Invitational
  • JROTC "Mexican Fiesta" dinner-in-a-bag fundraiser

Friday, March 25

  • Tennis Boys/Girls at Madison County Tournament
  • FBLA Meeting
  • Softball hosts Sparkman JV Tournament at Sportsplex
  • Dance Team Tryouts
  • Soccer V Girls vs Buckhorn
  • Baseball V vs Thompson(DH)

Saturday, March 26

  • Softball hosts Sparkman JV Tournament at Sportsplex
  • Baseball V vs Auburn/Hartselle(DH)
  • Tennis v Boys/Girls at Madison County Tournament

Sparkman Dance Team

UPDATED: If anyone is still interested in trying out for the Sparkman High School Varsity Dance Team, but was unable to attend the meeting on Thursday, March 10, you can still come to the first day of tryouts and pick up your packet at that time. Tryouts begin Monday, March 21 from 4-6pm in Gym 2 at SHS. All tryout packet forms must be turned in no later than Wednesday, March 23.

Any 8th -11th grade student interested in trying out for the Sparkman High School Varsity Dance Team should attend an informational meeting on Thursday, March 10 at 5:30 PM in the SHS cafeteria. Tryout packets will be available at this time.

**Note Date Changes!

Sparkman JROTC Boosters are hosting a "Mexican Fiesta" dinner-in-a-bag fundraiser on Thursday, March 24, 6-8 pm in the SHS cafeteria.

Everyone is welcome to attend for a time of socializing, dinner, and a performance of the Color Guard and Raider teams. Order tickets from any JROTC cadet until March 21st. Ticket cost is $5 per person.

Join us and see what Color Guard and Raiders do in the JROTC program.

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  • March 28- Golf V Boys at Bob Jones Invitational
  • March 28- Baseball JV @ Decatur
  • March 29- Tennis V Girls vs Bob Jones
  • March 29- SHS First Priority
  • March 29- Soccer V/JV Boys/Girls vs Hazel Green
  • March 29- Outdoor Track JV North AL JHS Meet
  • March 29- Softball at James Clemens
  • March 29- Baseball JV @ Pullman
  • March 29- Baseball V vs Grissom
  • March 30- Golf V Boys/Girls vs Huntsville
  • March 30- Freshman Cheer Tryouts- 4:00-5:30 in S9GS Gym
  • March 31- S9 First priority and FCA at 7:50 in the S9 auditorium
  • March 31- Golf JV/V Boys & V Girls vs Bob Jones
  • March 31- Baseball JV vs Bob Jones
  • March 31- April 2- Softball at Bob Jones Tournament at Sportsplex
  • March 31- Soccer JV Boys/Girls & V Girls at Bob Jones
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  • April 1- Freshman Cheer Tryouts- 4:00-5:30 in S9GS Gym
  • April 1- Soccer Boys V at Southern Soccer Challenge
  • April 1- Softball Varsity at Bob Jones Tournament
  • April 1- Tennis Boys/Girls vs Gadsden
  • April 1- Baseball JV @ Grissom
  • April 2- Baseball JV vs TBD
  • April 2- Soccer Boys V at Southern Soccer Challenge
  • April 2- Softball at Bob Jones Tournament
  • April 2- Outdoor Track at Scottsboro Invitational
  • April 4- Golf Boys/Girls at Hogan Vaughn Invitational
  • April 4- Track at All Metro Championships
  • April 4- Softball vs Huntsville
  • April 4- Takedown Booster Club Meeting- 6 PM
  • April 5- Track JV at Deshler Tigers Jr High Meet
  • April 5- Track V at All Metro Championships
  • April 5- Tennis Girls vs Westminster
  • April 5- SHS First Priority
  • April 5- Social Media Bullying Presentation at 9:30 AM
  • April 5- Soccer JV/V Boys/Girls at Hazel Green
  • April 5- Softball vs Hazel Green
  • April 5- Baseball at JPII Catholic
  • April 5- Quarterback Club Meeting- 6:30 PM
  • April 6- Tennis V Girls at James Clemens
  • April 7- Golf V Boys/Girls at Athens Invitational
  • April 7- Soccer JV/V Boys/Girls at James Clemens
  • April 7- Baseball JV vs James Clemens
  • April 8- Softball JV at Pisgah Tournament
  • April 8- Tennis Varsity Boys/Girls vs Buckhorn
  • April 8- Night of Gamers- 4 PM
  • April 9- Softball JV at Pisgah Tournament
  • April 9- ACT
  • April 9- AP Social Studies Prep Session
  • April 9- Baseball V at James Clemens
  • April 11- Golf Varsity Boys/Girls at Huntsville Invitational
  • April 11- Tennis Varsity Girls vs Whitesburg
  • April 11- Baseball JV vs JPII Catholic
  • April 11- Softball vs Scottsboro
  • April 12- ACT Aspire for ALL Sophomores(English and Math)
  • April 12- ACT Plus Writing for ALL Juniors(Pre-Test)
  • April 12- SIP Dinner and Show along with Silent Auction
  • April 12- Outdoor Track at Athens Invitational
  • April 12- Tennis Varsity Boys/Girls vs Huntsville
  • April 12- SHS First Priority
  • April 12- Softball at Bob Jones
  • April 12- Baseball V at Florence
  • April 12- Soccer JV/V Boys/Girls vs Bob Jones Kicking for the Cure games
  • April 12- JROTC Booster Meeting 6:30 PM
  • April 13- Golf at Madison County Tournament
  • April 13- FCCLA Blood Drive
  • April 13- Baseball JV vs Hazel Green
  • April 14- Baseball JV Metro Tournament
  • April 14- Golf vs James Clemens
  • April 14- Track JV North Alabama Jr High Championships
  • April 14- Tennis vs Madison Academy
  • April 14- Soccer at Buckhorn
  • April 14- Softball at Buckhorn
  • April 15- Baseball JV Metro Tournament
  • April 15- Soccer Boys JV at Over the Mountain Tournament
  • April 15- Softball at Florence Tournament
  • April 15- Baseball V vs Hazel Green
  • April 16- Baseball JV Metro Tournament
  • April 16- Soccer Boys JV at Over the Mountain Tournament
  • April 16- Baseball V at Hazel Green
  • April 18- Baseball JV Metro Tournament
  • April 18- Tennis Girls Varsity Section
  • April 18- FBLA Banquet
  • April 18- Baseball at Pullman
  • April 18- Softball Varsity at Louisville-Male HS
  • April 19- ACT Aspire for ALL Sophomores(Reading, Writing, Science)
  • April 19- ACT Plus Writing for ALL Juniors
  • April 19- Baseball JV Metro Tournament
  • April 19- Tennis Boys Varsity Section
  • April 19- SHS First Priority
  • April 19- Soccer at Randolph
  • April 20- Tennis Girls/Boys Section
  • April 21- Golf at Hazel Green
  • April 21- SHS SGA Meeting 8 AM and 3:30 PM
  • April 21- Softball at Hartselle
  • April 21- Baseball V at Bob Jones
  • April 22- Baseball V vs Bob Jones
  • April 22- Soccer at Madison County
  • April 23- Track at Florence Invitational
  • April 25- Golf at Sectionals
  • April 25- Basketball- Girls Tryouts
  • April 26- Golf- Boys Sectionals
  • April 26- SHS First Priority
  • April 26- Softball vs Florence
  • April 26- Soccer Girls JV vs Huntsville
  • April 27- Basketball- Girls Tryouts
  • April 28- Stomp the Violence
  • April 29- Baseball Varsity 1st Round of Playoffs
  • April 29- Softball at Cullman Tournament
  • April 30- Baseball Varsity 1st Round of Playoffs
  • April 30- Softball at Pullman Tournment


  • May 2- AP Exams
  • May 2- Golf Varsity Sub State
  • May 2- Basketball Boys and Girls Tryouts
  • May 2- Takedown Club Meeting
  • May 3- ACT Plus Writing Make-up day
  • May 3- AP Exams
  • May 3- Soccer at Sub state
  • May 3- SHS First Priority
  • May 3- Basketball Boys Tryouts
  • May 3- Quarterback Club Meeting
  • May 4- AP Exams
  • May 4- Basketball Girls Tryouts
  • May 5- AP Exams
  • May 5- Softball Varsity Area
  • May 5- Track State Meet
  • May 5- Basketball Boys Tryouts
  • May 6- AP Exams
  • May 6- Baseball Round 2 State Playoffs
  • May 6- Softball Area
  • May 6- Track State
  • May 7- PROM
  • May 7- Baseball Round 2 Playoffs
  • May 7- Soccer Sub State
  • May 7- Track State
  • May 9- AP Exams
  • May 9- Golf State
  • May 9- Basketball Boys Tryouts
  • May 10- AP Exams
  • May 10- Golf State
  • May 10- SHS First Priority
  • May 10- Basketball Boys Tryouts
  • May 10- JROTC Booster Meeting
  • May 11- AP Exams
  • May 12- AP Exams
  • May 12- Soccer State
  • May 12- Basketball Boys Tryouts
  • May 12- Band Spring Concert
  • May 13- AP Exams
  • May 13- Baseball Final Four
  • May 13- Soccer State
  • May 13- Softball Regional
  • May 14- Baseball Final four
  • May 14- Soccer State
  • May 14- Softball Regional
  • May 14- Band F-3 Day
  • May 16- Senior Honors Day 9 AM
  • May 17- SHS First Priority
  • May 17- Senior Finals
  • May 18- Senior Finals
  • May 18- Softball at State
  • May 19- Senior Finals
  • May 19- Softball at State
  • May 19- Final Exams
  • May 20- Senior Finals
  • May 20- Baseball State
  • May 20- Softball State
  • May 20- Finals
  • May 21- Baseball State
  • May 21- Softball State
  • May 23- Half Day of School
  • May 23- Finals
  • May 24- Half Day of School
  • May 24- Finals
  • May 24- Sparkman Graduation 3 PM
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Sparkman Senators gain State and National Ranking!

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Congratulations to Sparkman Baseball ranked 14th nationally and #1 in the State Rankings!


Check this out Senator Nation!! Sparkman Baseball gains National ranking!!!

"After winning the Perfect Game High School Showdown this past weekend, Sparkman (Ala.) makes their rankings debut, checking in at No. 14 overall. They really dominated high-level competition all weekend, securing victories over several ranked schools, including Buford (Ga.), Parkview (Ga.) and Gulliver Prep (Fla.). They have started their season hot, and the argument can easily be made that no one in the country has as many wins over high quality opponents that they do."

‪#‎SparkmanPride‬. ‪#‎WeAreSparkman‬


Congratulations to Sparkman Softball ranked #3 in the State!

Congratulations to Sparkman Boys Soccer ranked #8 in the State!

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Sparkman Track

MEDAL WINNERS from the Huntsville Panther Invitational!

Lauryn Hall continues to shine as she WINS the 100m dash AND the 200m dash.
Gabrielle Griner had a new "season best" jump of 9'6" to take a 3rd place.
Our Girl's 4x100 team of Lauryn Hall, Aubrey Parker, Alessea Rice, Chandler Robinson also captured a 3rd.
For the Boys, Daryl Bowden Jr. continues with his strong showing in the distance jumps. He took 2nd place in both the Long and Triple Jump and only missed the Gold in the Triple by 1 inch!

For the 2nd meet in a row, Katelyn Elliff set a NEW SPARKMAN RECORD in the Javelin with a throw of 92' 9"

Other Senators finishing in the points were -
Danielle Moore (8th) in the Long Jump (edging out her team mate, Milan Hunt by just 1.75 inches!)
April Johnson (5th) in the Girls Discus.
Chase Parker (7th) and Carlos Burwell (8th) in the Boys 100m.
Shafi Muhammad (7th) in the 400m and (8th) in the 800m.
The Boys 4x100 Relay Team of Samuel Gideon, Chase Parker, Milan Wall, Je'Darral Walter finished (5th)

Photos from the James Clemens Invitational

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Sparkman Indoor Percussion

Congratulations Sparkman Indoor Percussion on the winning the WGI Regional championship!!
Congratulations to the Sparkman 9th Grade Band for earning straight SUPERIOR ratings at State Music Performance Assessment! Way to go Senators!!!
Congratulations to Sparkman's Wind Ensemble and Concert Band for scoring SUPERIOR ratings with A's in all categories at MPA! Great Job!!
Congratulations to the varsity Wintergard for their bronze medal at SCGC championships. They are also Alabama State champions in class SA.

Congratulations to the JV Wintergard for their SAAA 11th Place finish at championships. Overcame many difficulties and had their best show.

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ACT and SAT Information

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Summer Reading

Summer Reading for upcoming Freshmen is already available at this link. Requirements for grades 10-12, will be available soon.
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Sparkman Softball

Sparkman Softball Website

Click this button for Sparkman Softball Information!

Sparkman Baseball

Sparkman Baseball Website

Click this button for Sparkman Baseball Information!

Sparkman Golf

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Sparkman Tennis

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Sparkman Track

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Sparkman Soccer

Sparkman Soccer

Click this button for Sparkman Soccer Information

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Sparkman Cheer

Sparkman Ninth Grade Cheerleaders are selling Sparkman car magnets for $5. If you would like one, see Mrs. Deiss in room 230. Please bring exact change.

Sparkman Cheerleading- Freshman Try-outs

Tryouts will be held on Wednesday, March 30th and Friday, April 1st, 4:00-5:30 in the S9GS gym. Please wear a white tshirt, black shorts, and cheer shoes (if you have them). Make sure your hair is pulled up into a ponytail. You must have the following in order to try out: physical (dated after March of 2016), copy of birth certificate, tryout packet, third quarter report card (all grades must be C or above in order to qualify) and two teacher recommendations. All forms can be found in the tryout packet.

More Info: https://www.madison.k12.al.us/Schools/s9gs/extracurricular/cheerleaders/default.aspx

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Sparkman Freshman Cheerleading Tryout Packet

Click Here for Freshman Tryout Packet

SHS Basketball Cheer Tryouts

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Sparkman JROTC

Sparkman High School JROTC

Upcoming Events

Booster and JROTC Events

  • SHS JROTC Hosts Drill Competition – April 30, 2016
  • Senior Award Day – May 4, 2016, SHS Cafeteria
  • Rebuild of PT Course – May 7, 2016
  • Org Day – May 13, 2016
  • Car Wash – May 14th, 8am-1pm - Kroger Gas Station, Hwy 72 and Jeff Rd.

Special Teams (Color Guard/Drill/Raider/Rifle) and all JROTC Cadets

  • April 2: Drill Team AA&M – AA&M
  • April 2: Rifle Team Championship, Anniston, AL – See website for more details
  • April 7-10, 2016: Army Nationals - Drill Team, Kentucky – See website for more details (Hotel information on website)
  • April 23, 2016: Raider Competition, UNA

Dates of Upcoming Booster Club Meetings

  • Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 6:30 PM – New Board to be voted in
  • Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 6:30 PM

For more information, go to www.sparkmanjrotc.org

Ignite A Spark

Ignite a Spark is collecting change for House of the Harvest. Money can be placed in the can outside of the main office at SHS.
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The Greater Good Shop at SHS

What a great way to serve our students and community! ‪#‎SparkmanFamily‬ Rocks!!

Anyone interested in donating items or learning more about the Greater Goods shops can contact Jennifer Walker at jwalker@mcssk12.org.


The Perfect Prom Project

If you are doing some spring closet clean-out this weekend, we know just the place for those formal dresses, suits, and shoes! The Perfect Prom Project needs donations of prom gowns, shoes, and jewelry for a "free" prom dress shop to be set up at House of Harvest. Also needed are new or very gently used suits, blazers, ties, dress shirts, bow ties, and dress shoes. Contact Jennifer Whitt for more info: jwalker@madison.k12.al.us
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Students(Female or Male) who need assistance with Prom attire, etc. should complete a checklist(below) and see Mrs. Stanley.

Sparkman PROM- May 7 at 8 PM

Those who do not attend SHS can only go to prom as the GUEST of an SHS student. Prices are the same. Guest tickets are put in the invitation of the SHS student who purchased the ticket, and the guest may only enter prom with that student. A first and last name is required when purchasing a guest ticket.

Please note: April 22nd is the last day to purchase a ticket.
Tickets will NOT be sold the two weeks before prom!!
PROM is May 7, 2016 at VBC

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MCSS Calendars

2015-16 Madison County Schools Calendar

Click on the link for the CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR Calendar

2016-17 Madison County Schools Calendar

Click on the link for 2016-17 School Calendar

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PTO Leaders Wanted!

Want to get involved at SHS and S9? Here are a few reasons why it's a great idea!

  • Meet teachers, admins, students, and other parents. Get to know our Sparkman Family!
  • Help plan PTO events at SHS and S9 such as receptions, lunches, meetings, etc.
  • Help build communication and Sparkman Spirit in the schools and community.
  • Learn about the daily workings of SHS, S9, and the Madison Co School System.
  • Support our students and teachers.


See daily updates, photos, announcements, and much more on the Sparkman High School Facebook Page!