The Warrior Heir

Book review by: Caleb


This book is by: Cinda Williams Chima. The genre for this book is modern fantasy. Possible audience would be anyone who likes action, suspense, fantasy, wizards, and a medieval/modern twist. Ages 11+

Picture of the Book


"The Weir?" It sounded like she was saying ware.
"The magical guilds. Our ancestors." Aunt Linda Picked up her teacup, then set it down again without drinking from it. "We include our share of poets, writers, revolutionaries, and visionaries. But the Weir inherit unusual abilities."
Jack shrugged. "Such as . . . ?"
Linda reached across the table, gripped his hands, and looked him in the eyes. "We inherit a gift of power. Our ancestors include wizards, enchanters, soothsayers, sorcerers, and warriors."
Jack sat without moving, waiting for the punchline. It never came. Linda watched him as if he were a bomb that might go off at any minute.

Explanation of the passage

I chose this passage because this the big moment were the truth comes out in the setting and Jack finally finds out what he is, whether he likes it or thinks it's crazy and impossible.


This book mainly takes place in the small town of Trinity, Ohio in modern times. Other settings include Coal Grove, Ohio; London, England; and Cumbria, England. Important places in Trinity are Trinity High School, Becka's house, the fencing room in Trinity's fitness club, and a meadow in Perry Park. Important places in Coal Grove are the library, the court house, the Blue Bird cafe, and a cemetery. Important places in London are Dr. Longbranch's house, St. Margaret's, and Raven's Ghyll. The Important place in Cumbria is Leander Hastings's house. The main character in this book is Jack Swift a young warrior hier. Other important characters include Will Childers: Jack's friend, Becka Downey: Jack's mom, Linda Downey: Jack's aunt, Harmon Ftich: Jack's other friend, Leander Hastings: Jack's warrior coach and Linda's former lover, Jessamine Longbranch: a heart surgeon/wizard, Alicia Middleton: Jack's former girlfriend, Nicodemus Snowbeard: Jack's wizard teacher and neighbor, and Ellen Stephenson: Jack's girlfriend. The main conflict is to free the servant guilds from the wizards. Other conflicts include saving the warrior race and preparing for the tournament.


The theme of this story is that what you are or did does not make who you are because in this book Jack is told he is a warrior heir because of this everyone says he should be a cold blooded killer, but in the end Jack shows the wizards that he will not be a killer. Another example is Linda Downey is an enchanter and is supposed to be for entertainment, but she shows everyone that she is a strong voiced leader. Another example is Leander had a terrible past and is a wizard everyone says that he is a traitor because of what he did, but he shows everyone that he will correct his past by standing up for what is right. My final example is wizards say the other guilds are servant guilds and the other guilds believe them until they rise up and show the wizards that there is more to them then being servants.

Personal Opinion

I think this book is great and full of suspense and great. One example of great suspense is when you find out the red roses player. Another example is when Jack finds shadowslayer. I also think this book is full of mystery of finding out people's true stars.

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