Ben's Trip to Six Flags

By: Ben Lancaster

Roller Coaster

Kansas went to Six Flags and was dying to ride one of the roller coasters. Unfortunately she was only 36 inches when she needed to be 48 inches tall. How many more inches does she need to grow to be able to come back next year and ride the ride?


Jonah walked up to the concession stand and asked for 5 salted pretzels for the whole family and ended up spending $30. How much was money did each pretzel cost?


Ben was waiting all day to cool off with an Icee. If one medium sized Icee costs $2.50, then how many Icees can Ben buy with at least $6.00?


After paying $20.00 to park, Angela has no more than $340.00 left. How much money did Angela have before she paid for parking.