Prologue Project :)

Jaztoni's Project

The monk

The Monk, Chaucer tells us, is a manly man. The Monk's favorite past-time is hunting, and to this end he keeps gorgeous (and probably expensive) horses and greyhounds. Like the Prioress, the Monk is all sorts of things that, as a religious figure, he should probably not be – a hunter, overfed, expensively-dressed in fur and gold jewelry, and a cultivator of expensive habits. But the Monk is willing to admit that he doesn't live a traditional religious life of hard work, study, and fasting, claiming as his excuse that he is a modern man, disdainful of the old traditions.

the yeoman

We never see the Yeoman again after the General Prologue, but, from him, we learn two things about the Knight: 1) that he's not high-maintenance, because he travels with only one servant, and 2) that he owns some land – hence, his need for a forest

the doctor

he always wore and reddish blue garment and he was an neurosurgeon .