Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

DoTerra Make & Take for Autism Awareness

Supporting Autism Awareness with a DoTerra Make & Take

IT'S A FUNDRAISER April is Autism Awareness Month! We are hosting an aromatherapy pendant diffuser and Monster Juice roller bottle blend make & take benefiting Autism Society of Central Ohio.

WHAT IS A PENDANT DIFFUSER? Pendant diffusers are clay that absorbs essential oils. These can be made into necklaces, bracelets or lapel pins that that are worn to experience the power of aromatherapy throughout the day. Add oils to pendant to calm, uplift, reduce anxiety or just have an appealing scent allowing you to enjoy the benefits of DoTerra essential oils all day long!

Monster Juice is an essential oil blend for the times when you (or someone you know) feel like The Hulk. This blend will help get that monster under control.

ABOUT THE EVENT The first 30 minutes of the DoTerra Make & Take for Autism Awareness will be dedicated to teaching you about essential oils. Learn the basics about what essential oils are, how they work, and how to use them. After we cover the oil basics, we start the make & take! **The class is optional. If you've been to an introductory essential oil class, feel free to join us at 7pm for the make & take**

$15 covers the cost of materials and oil for each piece of pendant jewelry. $10 covers the cost of each roller bottle blend of Monster Juice. Payment can be made in advance or at the event.

Please RSVP to let us know how many of each you would like to make so we have all of the supplies. New bottles of DoTerra oils will also be available to purchase.

CAN'T MAKE IT BUT STILL WANT TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT? We're happy to make you a piece of pendant jewelry (or two, or three) and a roller bottle of Monster Juice! Heather will take payment prior to the event via Paypal or Cash app. Even if you can't join us for the fun, we appreciate your support of Autism Society of Central Ohio.

Pendant Diffuser and Monster Juice Blend Make & Take

Thursday, April 21st, 6:30pm

3711 Wenwood Drive

Hilliard, OH

  • $15 covers the cost of each piece of pendant diffuser jewelry
  • $10 covers the cost of each roller bottle blend of Monster Juice
  • Please let Heather, Jessie or Melissa know if you're joining us and how many of each item you'll be making

Your DoTerra Wellness Advocates

Heather Dauer
heather.encompasswellness@gmail.com or (614) 406-2579
Jessie Huck Parks
jhparksstudio@gmail.com or (740) 525-3738
Melissa Colman
colman242003@yahoo.com or (614) 778-8633