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Week Ending 5/19/23

From the Principal

So many things happening at this time of the year....and only one thing to address in this week's message.

How do we get through hateful actions, social media posts, and events in school with healing, education and true restoration at the heart of our work?

I've been thinking a lot about this question this week. The work we did two weeks ago at our Anti-Racism assemblies was powerful and meaningful for our school and broader community.

And yet, here we are, facing racist and prejudice actions within our community just days and weeks later, collectively asking, "How can we do better? Be better?"

We are all challenged by hate and must grapple with the response. What does an appropriate response look like? What is the correct balance of punishment and education? And how do we truly engage in restorative practice?

Interestingly, when thinking about RESTORATION, my mind goes to the scientific meaning. In science, restoration is connected to rebuilding something that was lost. Recognizing this is not always possible, connected concepts include conservation, reducing impacts and mitigation. I believe these ideas have parallels to the proactive work to reduce the need for restoration, the prosocial work to support those impacted and the work to minimize and reduce impact as we work to fight hateful and divisive actions in our school and community.

Despite the terrible acts we have had to address this week, I remain optimistic about our progress. One might argue there has been an increase in behavior as a reaction to our assemblies, but I prefer to see this differently.

We asked students to be more aware of racism, bigotry, bias and prejudice. More importantly, we told them when they see such behaviors, they should take action. As we heard in our panel discussion, hateful and prejudice remarks and actions are commonplace in our community, and are most often under the radar and never addressed. So, I commend our students for bringing these actions to our attention. The first step in change is truly acknowledging the problem.

Of course, we want these types of behaviors to end! This will require more people to be not only aware, but willing to take action.

Let's keep moving forward through these challenges together.

Let's keep asking what we can do to support our entire community in creating the safe and supportive school that each and every student deserves.

To that end, we are creating a parent advisory specifically to support our work on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with us.

To launch, we will be hosting an in person meeting next Wednesday, May 24th from 6:00-7:00 pm.

If you are interested in participating in this work, please fill out this brief form.

As always, if you need assistance with anything, please contact me via email or phone (413-528-3346).


What is RYSE?

The Railroad Street Youth Student Empowerment Program (RYSE) offers young people from South County the chance to explore their goals and potential next steps after high school. Over the course of five days, participants will meet with panelists and local partner organizations to create community, network, and learn about balancing tasks, goal setting, and financial behavior, and to participate in self-reflection and self-care activities.

Youth receive a stipend of $200 upon completion of the program and are eligible to apply for a scholarship of up to $20,000. The scholarship may be used over the next four years to assist with tuition at a state or private college or university, a community college or vocational school, a focused curriculum for a gap year, or any GED Program.

Who is RYSE for?

RYSE is for anyone who is in high school (rising junior or seniors) or recently graduated in South County who is confused/unsure/stressed about their “next steps” or need help with “adulting” and life skills. We aim to target a wide range of young people, so there is really no “wrong” applicant. However, we so try to outreach specifically to folks who might not have a lot of support in the home or elsewhere, whether that is financial support or support with a trusted and knowledgeable adult in working out their next steps.

When is RYSE?

July 10th-14th
Participants are expected to attend every day, the whole day.

Point of outreach: We understand that many young people need to work over the summer, and would need to take off work during the RYSE week. That is why we offer the $200 stipend for all participants, to show that their time is valuable and to give them some sort of income for the week.


Juniors - Are You Beginning to Think about College Essays?

Take advantage of our writing tutor, David Sultan.

Mr. Sultan is currently looking for juniors who are starting to think about their college essay topic for next year’s college applications.

This is a great opportunity to start brainstorming and drafting some college essay ideas.

To meet with Mr. Sultan, students can do one of three things:

● email him directly at

● use this link (Appointment Schedule) to set up an appointment

● see your guidance counselor

Senior Class Dues Reminder

A gentle reminder to seniors to please bring in your class dues ($100 - payable to Class of 2023). Thank you!

MMRHS Athletics

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Congratulations to our Ultimate Frisbee Club as they went 4-2 and finished 25th out of 72 teams at the recent PVI tournament. They moved up four places in their division! Good luck to the team as they compete in the 4 Rivers tournament on Saturday.
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Spartan Athletics Weekly Bulletin

Fri. May 19: B/G Track at Western MA Track Championships. Bus at 2:15. Early dismissal at 2:00.

Sat. May 20: Girls only tennis at Miss Hall's (2:00) Bus at 1:00

Sat. May 20: Ultimate Frisbee 4 Rivers Tournament (all day)

Sun. May 21: Ultimate Frisbee 4 Rivers Tournament (all day)

Mon. May 22: Boys varsity baseball vs. Southwick (4:30) Western MA Round 1

Mon. May 22: B/G tennis at Mt. Greylock (4:30) Williams College. Bus at 3:00

Mon. May 22: Girls varsity softball at Pittsfield (4:30) Western MA Round 1. Bus at 2:45

Tues. May 23: Girls tennis vs. Frontier (4:00) WM non-qualifier round 1

Weds/Thurs: WM tournament round 2 and non qualifier round 2 TBD

MIAA state tournament power rankings can be found here.

Results to every MMRHS sporting event are just one click away! Go to Arbiter Live and click on the team you are interested in to see their complete schedule as well as results for every game played.

Boys Baseball Team Store....Please support your Spartans!

If the Squadlocker link does not directly connect you to the Monument Store please click " Find Your Store" and type in "Monument Baseball".

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A reminder that breakfast and lunch are free for all Massachusetts students for this full year.

In addition, students can bring money to purchase additional lunches OR a la carte items.


The Jobs and Internship Bulletin Board at school has been updated with summer positions. There are many options from camps to manufacturing. Please reach out to Mrs. Boyko ( for help or with questions. Also, see links below.

Job Opportunities

Plaskolite Productions Workers link

Berkshire Busk link

Tanglewood/BSO link

Lone Oaks Campsites link

Berkshire Botanical Garden's Farm in the Garden Summer Camp link

Whalen Nursery Inc. link

Herrington's link

MA Department of Conservation and Recreation link

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Monument Mountain has three handbooks that we would like families to read with their students. Students will be reviewing the procedure guide and student charter in their advisories throughout the school year.

School Handbook

The general school handbook contains all of the laws and policies that govern the school and allow us to hold an orderly school assembly. This is an important school document for you to read and understand.

Procedure Guide

The procedures guide is a listing of all of the daily procedures that allow us to safely proceed with our school day. This document is new and constantly evolving. As a result, you will see some sections that are incomplete. This is an important document for parents and students to read.

The Student Charter

The student charter is written by students and for students. The authors of the charter believe the document to be an articulation of how students want to exist in school and what needs to happen for a safe existence to be possible.

Any Questions?

Questions and Answers

Here is who to contact with certain types of questions:

  • If you haven't received the information packet from the school, call the main office at 413-528-3346 ext. 3100 or email our secretary at

  • If you have a question about a particular class please contact the teacher.

  • If you have a general question about your child’s schedule or about the school, please call or email our Guidance secretary, or contact your child’s guidance counselor directly.

  • If you have a question about PowerSchool login or use, call the guidance office at 413-528-3346 ext.5 or email our Guidance secretary at

  • If you have a question, about busses and transportation, call the main office or email our secretary at

  • If you have a question about sports or activities, contact our Activities Director, Karl Zigmand at

  • Not sure who to ask, just call the main office at 413-528-3346 ext. 3100 or email our school secretary,

Monument Mountain Mission Statement

The mission of Monument Mountain Regional High School is to create opportunities that foster intellectual and personal growth and Challenge all to become courageous learners, engaged citizens, and individuals of integrity.