Dog food

First to give them well lets talk about how much food if there little give them a cup or a half a cup.Walk away they will spy on you.You probably feed them every time you eat feed them

3 times a day.You feed them for energy.To feed them treats give them bacon flavor they will

like it!! A good time to feed them treats is when they do tricks.Give them water when their panting give them a water bottle pour it well all of it.

Grooming a dog

Grooming a dog is kind of hard.Lets get started with the tools.You will need a good brush that will pull through dog fur. To get out matts you have to keep brushing were you feel a big fur ball.It will fall out soon if you keep brushing for 20 minutes.Thats how you get matts

out.You should probably brush your dog once a day.Bushing them it feels good and it looks good with out a matt in their fur.

Giving a dog a bath

To give a dog a bath you have to get a towel and a wash cloth.You also you need a bottle of dog body wash,not body wash for humans.First,plug the drain.Now turn on the water to the perfect temperature which is in the middle of the dial.After that,get the cloth wet .Pour the body wash on and scrub the dogs body.For their hair use the same wash which is body wash.You should give a dog a bath once a week unless they need one sooner. To rinse them off turn the shower on get them under the water. Then pick them up dry them with the towel.You wash them so their clean.

dog exercising

To exercise your dog you need to walk them you need a leash you will need a big one for a big dog and a small leash for a small dog.Then go out side and walk them for about 23 minuets.When playing with your dog you can play fetch,hide and go seek,and wrestle with them.You should exercise them about twice a day.You need to exercise dogs so they lose weight and stay heathy.
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