Kate McHood

By: Kate McHood 2016

20 years from now....

I would like to be living a happy life full of friends and family and maybe even ''THE ONE!"

10 questions that were asked

1. Where do you want to live? "Fort worth Texas, preferably. Or anywhere warm and beach like!"

2. What will your lifestyle be like? "Relaxed and easy going, yet fun and entertaining."

3. What will your job be like? "I plan on enlisting in the navy as soon as I'm done with high school. So I should be retired after a couple of years."

4. What will your family be like? "I don't plan on having kids because of genetic issues, but may consider adoption. I do wish to marry, but am completely fine being a independent woman."

5. What will your interests be? "I'm into motocross and super-cross and plan on owning a bunch of pit bikes and dirt bikes and might possibly build a track to ride on. I also enjoy soccer; however motocross will forever have my heart."

6. What will be the best thing about your life? "I will be able to go riding everyday and come home and relax with family and friends. It would be a kind of "no worries" life. And hopefully I will have a boyfriend/husband who also has a great love and passion for motocross and would enjoy that type of life with me.

7. If you could change one thing; what would it be? "I would have never gotten in a fight with that girl. I would have let her run her mouth and pray that God would bless her. Instead of bringing myself to her level. I let her bait me in and now I'm paying for it. She baited me in and I took it. I should have taken the higher road and moved on with life. And next time I will."

8. If you could send a message to your younger self what would it be? "Don't let anyone get the best of you, only God defines you. Not the high school, friends, teachers...Not anyone. You know who you are; you do you!!"

9. What are the three most important lesson you have learned in your life up to now? "To always try your best to be responsible and not to give up, Think before you do, and Family always comes first."

10. Where will you be 20 years from when this article is published (40 years from now)? "Retired; living free and happy beyond my years."

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