Viruses, Trojan Horses, Spyware

Trojan Horses

The malware trojan horse, much like the orignal Greek one, opens a back door to your computer. When you open or download a program it could be secretly attached. Even if your download seems normal and fine. It accesses other applications on your computer. It doesn't spread like a virus


Spyware is a malware that easily disguises itself. It is very small almost completely unnoticeable. It is plugged into your computer and it tracks everything you type. If you are putting in your social security or credit card number it can easily access and save it.


A virus can ruin your computer. There are different types of viruses and they attack different parts of your computer. Some attack your hard drive. The only point of a virus is to spread. It can access your contacts and send itself to everyone you know. They are usually passed through an email. Now they are sometimes attached to texts and even flash drives.

How You can Avoid Malware

Use common sense

Don't open email attachments from unknown senders

Always use AntiVirus software

Put up a fire wall