The amendments

Constitutional rights

The importantance of the amendments (bill of rights)

Do you know what they amendments are? Well the amendments are the official change,correction, or addition to a law or constitution. The constitution ties into the bill of rights because the constitution was the very first book of amendments. Then the founding father said he wanted a more significant written constitution and so that became the bill of rights. The constitution provides that an amendment maybe proposed either by the congress with a two-thirds majority and both House of Representatives and the senate or by a constitution convention called by two-thirds of the state legislature. It is the bill of rights that stands till today as the greatest guarantee of the right and liberties upon which America was founded. The bill of rights consist of the first 10 amendments. All of the amendments in the bill of rights were adopted together in 1791. The amendments are good for the people because it is laws to protect their freedom.

The most important amendment:

The first amendment is most important because it guarantees that you can speak your mind without fear of persecution from those who might not like what you say. Without this right there would be no free discussions. Without discussion there wouldn't be no exchange of new ideas and with no new ideas the democracy would not have grown.