Will Smith

Biography by Marilyn D. Anderson


Will Smith was born on September 25,1968 in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.Smiths mother is named Caroline and Father Willard C. Smith.Will has two sisters named Pam Smith and Ellen Smith and a brother named Harry Smith.

Impact on Society

Will Smith had an positive effect on society likely because he does charity.He did an foundation for Youth educational projects and under-privileged children and their families. He also hosted Nelson Mandela AIDS benefit concert.Will also gave money to suffering children and families in South Africa..He took apart in America: A tribute to heroes charity telethon for victims. So Will Smith does a lot of good things for society!

Events that shaped his/her life

Will Smith's life changed when he got married the first time and had an son named Trey then got divorced and married Jada and they had Willow and Jaden. Since Willow is now 14 years old she is very emotional and Will thinks that it is very hard to deal with her since one time the cat ran off when he left the door open and Willow started crying and saying "I can't believe you can be that irresponsible".I really do believe that the kids had an huge effect on his life.


Will Smith has a disability called Dyslexia it is a common disability he struggled with it a while ago when he couldn't read some text books. He also struggled with a cheating girlfriend he thought he wasn't good enough and that she cheated because he couldn't read.

Why I chose this person

I chose Will Smith because he has an positive attitude and doesn't let anything bring him down! He does alot of charity work for kids and families. He didn't let his dyslexia make him give up on anything! He kept his head up straight and kept walking not caring what people think of him and let his acting and rapping career take place. As he is making million dollars.

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