Mrs. Gaston's News

April 20, 2015

Riverbanks Zoo Field Trip

Our field trip is quickly approaching. Please make sure you that you have turned in your chid's signed permission slip and 12 dollar payment by this Wednesday, April 22nd.

**If you are planning to chaperone keep in mind that you must be approved by the district before you will be allowed to go with us to the zoo. I also need your payment for your admission and lunch choice by this Wednesday. **

Second Grade Musical

The "Bugz" musical will be tomorrow night at OPES!!! Second graders arrive at the school by 5:15. The musical begins at 6.

Sadly, I will not be able to attend. I made arrangements months ago and cannot reschedule. I have told the kids and am asking that if anyone records the musical to send it to me so I can watch it!

**Special Note**

If your child is in Challenger, you must sign them out before they will be allowed to go to rehearsal.


MAP Testing

We will take the MAP Math test tomorrow and Thursday.

Curriculum Corner:


We are reteaching one and two step word problems this week. Some students got very confused with the word problems. I will be putting extra problems on canvas each night in addition to working on this further in class. If your child has already passed this assessment we will be looking at challenging problems that require them to explore multiplication and division problems.

I will retest this standard on Thursday, April 23rd.

We will also be working on adding 2 3-digit numbers this week. Your child should have a variety of strategies to solve these problems.

These videos can give you an inside look at how we teach the kids to use strategies to help them solve math problems.


This week we are working on how words are related.

ex.) How are the following words related?

bell peppers, grass, frogs…..(They are all green)

We have finished Reading MAP Testing


Animal Unit cont'd.

This week we are taking a close look at habitats. There will be videos and fun things for your kids to look at on Canvas in the Science section for habitats.

Please encourage your child to visit the Canvas site nightly after they complete homework for some extensions.

Animal Projects cont'd.

Each child has formed a group and chosen an animal to research. The kids are currently collecting information so that we can produce a power point presentation. We are excited to announce that we will have an entire afternoon in the next few weeks dedicated to presenting our projects. We will be inviting each of you in and other teachers around the school to watch us present.

More information to follow.


Poetry Cont'd

This week we are publishing our "Honey I Love" poems.