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How does Pollution Effects Animals

Pollution is one of the worst environmental issues that is destroying our place called home. We are creating all of this destrution. Pollution is waste that has spread all over the entire planet. Pollution is making animals ill and killing our environment. There are different kinds of pollution and these include water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution.

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Water Pollution

Water pollution is when we throw away waste/chemical such as plastic and paper gets thrown into the sea, lakes, rivers and oceans. If the animals eat your rubbish theres a chance that it could kill that sertain animal

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Air Pollution

Air pollution is caused by fumes, acid rain, gas and smoke coming from factories and vehicles and it is spreading across the air. We need fresh clean air to survive. As our air is getting polluted the damage to the organs and the tissue of an animal are making them ill, and some species are becoming endangered because of this behaviour.

Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is when plastic and waste is thrown away on the floor and ends up on the soil and the chemicals from the waste would infect the land under and around it. Sometimes an animals feet get infected and strugle to walk, and some actually can't walk at all.