Haiti's Before/AfterMath:

Earthquake/Tsunami :

Facts :

  • More Than 400,000 People Are Sill Homeless Three Years After The Haitian Earthquake
  • More Than 200,000 Houses Damaged Or Destroyed By The Earthquake , Only 15,000 Had Been Repaired And 5,700 Replaced
  • 1.5 Million People Survived The Earthquake in 2010
  • On December 23 "The Times" Complains About Money Spent On Tents , Bottled Water , And Other Relief After The Earthquake
  • Haiti's Tsunami Killed More Than 200,000 People
  • On January 12 Haiti's Earthquake Produced Two 3-Meter Tsunami's (10 Feet)
  • The Earthquake Was An 7.0 Magnitude
  • Waves Hit 70 Meters Inland , Which Killed A Grandfather And Two Young Grandchildren Who Stopped To Watch
  • The Tsunami Also Hit The Dominican Republic Killing Nearly 2,000 People
  • One Wave Hit The Shore As Far As 62 Miles Away From The Epicenter

Haiti After The Earthquake :

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Seismic Stresses Of Haiti's Earthquake :

  • The Haiti Earthquake Was Caused By The Release Of Seismic Stresses That Had Built Up Around Two Tectonic Plates
  • The Plates That Caused The Earthquake Was Known As The Strike-Slip Fault , Where To Sections Of Earth's Crust Are Grinding Together In Opposite Directions
  • The Caribbean Plate Was Moving Eastward With Respect To The North American Plate
  • When Stresses Along An Fault Line Reach A Certain Point They Can Release In Bursts Of Energy Causing An Earthquake
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Haiti's Economy After The Earthquake :

  • The Haitian Government estimates that 222,570 People Have Died And 300,572 Have Been Injured
  • The Haitian Ministry Of Education Estimates That 4,992 Schools Were Affected By The Earthquake -23% Of All Schools In Haiti. Of Those 3,978 - 80% Of The Affected Schools Were Either Damaged Or Destroyed And Were Therefore Closed After The Quake .
  • Total Damages And Losses Caused By The Earthquake Were Estimated At US $7.8 Billion
  • According To The Government Of Haiti , 60% Of Government , Administrative , And Economic Infrastructure Was Destroyed , As Well As Parliament And Judicial Sector Buildings , Including The Palais De Justice And Numerous Courts .

The Palais De Justice Court

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About Haiti :

  • President : Michel Martelly (2011)
  • Prime Minister : Laurent Lamothe (2012)
  • Land area: 10,641 sq mi (27,560 sq km);
  • Population (2012 est.): 9,801,664 (growth rate: .888%); birth rate: 23.877/1000; infant mortality rate: 52.44/1000; life expectancy: 62.51

Soldiers Helping Haitians :

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