An Interview with Emily Arnold

By Brenda Gomez

Photojournalism and yearbook teacher

Emily Arnold went to the University of Nebraska, she graduated with a bachelors degree of Arts and High Distinction Honors . Then a few years later she graduated from TCU with her masters.Majored in film studies and minored in English and art with an emphasis in photography.

She also became a nationally Certified Journalism Educator through the Journalism Education Association. Taught English, humanities, reading and even a film class before arriving at Haltom High School.

its her eighth year teaching photojournalism and photography.


Levels taught

  • 9-12

Classroom environment-
  • Pearl white walls, Mac computers in rows,colorful posters, inspirational pictures around the room, projector in the middle of the room so everyone can see

Teaching strategies

  • teaches assignment and lets them put their own style to it

Classroom management techniques

  • takes roll
  • has passes for taking pictures around the school
  • has a server on computers where students turn in work

Extra hours

  • 10 extra hours
  • in spring time she sometimes does all nighters

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest how much self motivation does she put in?

definitely 10! this is not a one person job

Biggest challenge

  • Time management

Biggest reward

  • seeing students be successful