Hope Grindle's Sun Catchers

Amazing Sun Catchers that will make you a huge profit!!!!!

What is a Sun Catcher

A Sun Catcher is a piece of glass that has diffrent clors and patterns on it, and that when it is held up tp the light or window the sun will shine through. The glass cathes the light that is how the Sun Catcher got its name.

Sun Cather profit and price

It takes $7.04 to make one Sun Catcher. Hobby Lobby could sell them for $10.56. That would give Hobby Lobby a profit $3.52.

Losing money

If Hobby Lobby was to have a sale for 25% and then the customer had a coupon for 15% off plus the tax then they would only have to pay $6.03. Since it takes $7.04 Hobby Lobby would lose $1.01
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