Song Name No Type, by Henry Clemons

I make my own money,so I spend it how I like~Rae Sremmurd

No Type

''I make my own money and i spend it how i like"

My Anthem

My anthem is to make money and take care the people I care about.An no-one can stop me.I like the verse ''I make my own money and i spend it how i like''.It like my motto.That verse is like my life food or something.I buy by that verse.

I like this quote because it kinda different,because usually people don't like to earn anything these days, what wrong with these kids, these days.

So What Now?

I work this into my life working hard and earning my money the right way.I will earn money and grind hard for my kids don't have to.I will make money to give back to my hometown.I will earn my own money for i can buy myself anything I want and no-one can stop me.I will feed the hungry people that in Greenville,Mississippi, my hometown.

I just want to be successful and do something with life and make my own money cause some kid don't have an opportunity to get a good education. So I take advantage of making money or learning something new or my education.

My family and I always try to help people who in need. My parent always tell me to work hard for your stuff and no-one can stop you and they only stop you if you let them

TBH I just want to be successful