Fabry's Disease

By: Brian Mooney-Miller

What Fabry's disease is does to you/ Characteristics/ Cause.

Fabry's disease is a burning pain that is in your feet and hands that gets worse with exercise. You will know when you have fabry's disease is because you will have small dark red spots. The spots are usually found between your belly button and knees. The people who are affected by fabry's disease are the people who have fabry's disease.

Some symptoms of fabry's disease is pain and burning in your hands and feet that get worse with exercise. Small, dark red spots usually found between your belly button and knees. Cloudy hearing, hearing loss, and ringing in the ears. Another symptom is sweating less than normal, stomach pain bowel movement right after eating. If you had pain in your hands and feet it would stink to walk or hold anything when having fabry's disease. The life expectancy for a female is 75.4 years and the males life expectancy is 58.2 years of age.

The cause of a mutation is in the GLA gene. This gene provides instructions for making an enzyme called alpha- galactosidase A. Fabry's disease is an inherited disorder. The defective gene is on the X-chromosomes that determine an individual's sex. The name of the gene is Fabry's disease and the scientific name is alpha- galactosidase A.

Treatments/ Other facts/ and Bibliographys.

There are no treatments to Fabry's disease at this point of time. And I hope they find a treatment because I don't want to get Fabry's disease and I don't want to have it the rest of my life. There are no cures or treatment at this time of the year.