National space Centre


"National Space Centre" Leicester, England
Imagine if you could encounter real rockets, see the first sci-fi movie ever made, take the ultimate water rocket challenge, blast off into space inside the Vostok Capsule, see a dog spacesuit, see the last piece of genuine moon rock to be returned to Earth and challenge yourself to pilot the “Eagle” onto the lunar surface. Now put them all in one amazing Rocket Tower. Welcome to the National Space Centre. The Spaceflight Induction Module is the only one in the UK. Seating up to 17 astronauts, you will take a white knuckle ride from the Earth’s moon, through meteorite showers and radiation clouds, before the hair-raising ice canyon run on Europa itself. Join the rest of the crew for a briefing session about your journey to the inhospitable ice moon, before boarding the spacecraft for your 3D mission.Every first visit to the National Space Centre includes a visit to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium. The largest planetarium dome in the UK will take you on a 360° journey through our Solar System and beyond. Multi-award winning shows play throughout the day, with additional presenter led tours of the night sky added at peak periods to inspire you further.
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Also there is a map to go and search National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester, United Kingdom or just type national space cen6re

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