Establishing Expectations

"Working With, Not For"

"The first step in formative assessment is being clear about learning goals. Actually, the first step in any kind of assessment is being clear about what it is that you want to know about. You may have heard this expressed as "identify outcomes" or in some other terminology used in your state or district. Simply put, if assessment is looking for evidence of something, you have to know what that something is.

Sharing learning targets does not mean merely writing the objective on the board or telling students what the objective is in a sentence or two. Most students will, of course, be able to repeat back to the teacher what she said the objective was, and that can be somewhat useful. What we mean by sharing learning targets and criteria for success, however, is that students comprehend what those objectives mean."

(Connie M. Moss and Susan M. Brookhart, 2009)

As a campus, we are united with the district in improving our ability to connect students with their learning goals and empowering them to assess their progress to mastery.

The link below will take you to the implementation rubric for our campus and district.

Please use the form below the embedded resources to assess your current and desired level of implementation.