Survival for Appalachion Mountains

by Iand Cales

Crash landing

I crash landed in North California in a forest on the Appalachian Mountains.
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4 steps in order to survive

I need water so i would stay next to the river and collect morning dew on my clothes.

For food i would make a spear by getting a long pole and rubbing it against rough rocks to sharpen and wait by the water where deer tracks are common and when one comes jump out and stab it then follow the blood trail.

For shelter i would make a lean to shelter by finding long strong sticks to lean against another stick then tie it down with wet tree bark and strips of cloth from shirt. Then cover it with leaves

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3 animals in my area

Three animals in the are would be white-tail deer, moose, elk. This animal can be helpful because it gives me meat and bones for tools. The deer could be dangerous because it could attack with its antlers or it could kick me.

3 plants in my area

Walnut tree, blue berries, black berries are 3 plants in my area.

The blue berry could help me because it can be food also it has juice inside.

This plant is not harmful to me.

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