Lindstrom's Life Science

Week of 9/12 - 9/16

This Week in Science...

Students have been learning about how organisms obtain the energy they need to survive and the different ways that organisms interact with each other. The main topics include competition, predation and symbiosis and the adaptations that organism have that help them survive.


This is a short unit, and we will be testing next Thursday and Friday. If students are absent during this time, it is so important that they are checking my eClass course page frequently to stay caught up and review missed lessons.

Vocabulary Quiz on Monday!

I have posted a flashcard review and answer keys to all 2-Column notes to help students prepare for their vocabulary quiz on Monday. Please ask them to review these. I appreciate all of your support!

A Look at the Week Ahead...

Next week, we will finish our Interactions unit and review for our assessment. This assessment will have a writing piece where students must cite textual evidence from a document to support their answers. They've practiced this skill in Language Arts and we will practice more in science next week to get students ready.

Dates to remember:

  • Interactions Quiz: Monday, 9/19/16
  • Interactions Common Assessment (Multiple Choice): Thursday, 9/22/16
  • Interactions Common Assessment (Writing): Friday, 9/23/16

Don't forget to review your notes every night! :)