Saddam Hussein

v.s Yertle the Turtle

About Yertla the Turtle

Was a character in a Dr. Suess book based off of Adolf Hitler. He was unkind to his people, and abused his people and power. He wanted to rule everything but in the end a turtle rebelled against him and took Yertle down off his throne.

About Saddam Hussein

He was born April 28th 1937, was hung on December 30th 2006.
He was the dictator of Iraq, he killed millions of people in Iraq ,
In 1980-1988 he lead a war against Iran, which ended in an agreement to solve the problem. In the 1980s he used chemical weapons against a town in Iraq.
And in 1990 he ordered his troops to take over Kuwait (Which is a country), but the united states help in the Persian war.

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Azteca - Did the writing/design.