Janice Burch Las Vegas

Janice Burch of Las Vegas helps During Holidays

Janice Burch Las Vegas

Janice Burch of Las Vegas goes home to Seattle every year and helps out during the holidays at homeless shelters and food banks. She spends most of the year helping people in third world countries however she loves spending the holidays at home with family and her community. She gives back all year long and continues top give back when she visits her hometown.

Janice Burch of Las Vegas at Refugee Camps

Janice Burch of Las Vegas, in addition to being an expert at assisting after natural disasters, also has volunteered in a number of war-torn nations. Often that volunteering takes place in refugee camps. She brings her unbridled optimism and love of life to infect everyone around her. She makes sure that the hope she feels for every refuge can rub off. She knows that the children need to see adult and leaders looking out for them. Children will then feel safer which is one of the first steps in combating the trauma these events often cause.

Volunteering in a refugee camp is one of the most difficult volunteer positions anyone can take on. There is often violence and bloodshed. Many people do not have the ability to watch what kind of things happen at a refugee camp. Then recognizing that there are many children, who are seeing the same things, can break hearts. Janice Burch of Las Vegas understands that when she is on a volunteer assignment in Sudan or elsewhere she is supposed to be the one people look to for strength.

Fighting through the emotions that often threaten to overwhelm her, Janice Burch of Las Vegas works hard to maintain that strength. Janice Burch of Las Vegas has found that it is best for her if she just works harder to get through the sadness. She understands the value of the services she provides and knows that without her and the other volunteers, many more people would be struggling to survive.

Janice Burch of Las Vegas: International Travel Documents

Janice Burch of Las Vegas knows that identification is the most important thing to pack when traveling internationally. She recognizes that on many of her volunteer missions she has been very lucky to have extra copies of everything. Somethings have been lost or stolen and without the copies she would have been at the mercy of a third world government.

She recommends that not only do you take a passport and Drivers License but that you make 3 copies of each. One you will want to give to the volunteer coordinator or your country representative. Second copy you will want to keep in a waterproof plastic bag and store it someplace very safe or if you are traveling with a friend, have them put it with their travel documents. The third you will want to keep on you preferably in a waterproof bag. The actual passport and ID you want to keep in as secure a place as possible.

In addition you will want to take in country currency and a credit card with a high enough limit to help in the case of an emergency store this with your Driver license and passport.

You will also want to bring you Health Insurance Card. This is very important because, through the card, emergency health workers can find out about allergies and other important health information.

Many people neglect to bring copies of their documents, and if their ids get lost stolen or ruined, they are in a very real bind. Having copies and making sure that a volunteer representative or a country representative has copies of that paperwork can make a huge difference if something does go wrong.

Janice Burch of Las Vegas in Léogâne

Janice Burch of Las Vegas loves spending time helping people all over the world. One of the places she fell in love with while volunteering was Haiti. She was in the city of Léogâne, which is where the epicenter of the earthquake was.

The Earthquake struck on January 12th, 2010. The many aftershocks lasted for 12 more days, there were 52 aftershocks in all. The estimates on how many people were killed range from 100,00 to 300,000. The country, four years later has not yet recovered. For a variety of reasons both political and economic, Haiti has long been the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The vast majority of the homes and buildings were not built to survive a normal earthquake much less one as large as the one that struck.

The international community worked hard and fast to save as many lives as possible, and Janice Burch of Las Vegas was honored to be a part of it. In her first trip to Haiti, Janice helped with first aid and digging people out of the rubble. Surviving the aftershocks, Janice stayed on and continued to help others.

What Janice saw while she was there was many hard working Haitians struggling to save each other's lives. Although the dead were everywhere, and mass graves were the result, the Haitian People, in the face of one of the most devastating natural disasters of all time, showed their love for one another. Janice Burch of Las Vegas knew at that moment that she had truly seen beauty for the first time.