Lets be a Gamechanger

We can change the world to a cancer free world

The football games are always played every Friday night. Usually just a regular football game, but this one will be different. This game will change and touch many people's lives.

A Gamechanging Game

Friday, Feb. 7th, 7pm

Kimberly, WI, United States

Kimberly, WI

  • Coming in 5 weeks February 7th
  • The game will be played by the Division 2 2013 state champions
  • The cost of the game will be $3 dollars
  • Played at the Papermakers home stadium, Papermaker stadium.
  • All of the money will be donated to the American cancer society to all the men and women and children


  • The game will be played from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • The total of raffle tickets spent will be announced at halftime at around 8:00pm
  • The total of everything will be announced just a little bit after the game by the mayor of the city

We are Kimberly

If you need anymore information or help, call my number at 920-788-9670 or email me at 20jsutton@kimberly.k12.wi.us