Human Rights Week

March 18- March 22

What is the Human Rights Issue?

In many different countries, there are issues with human rights. People don't have any freedom. That is why the ISF Academy has asked 8th Grade to organize a Human rights week to raise awareness. With the help of out grade level leader, 8th grade has organized a series of events on the week (March 18- March 22) to people would give a care about the people who suffer everyday/

Human rights week is coming soon

Human rights week is just a few weeks away. The grade 8's have been working hard for moths to create a meaningful human rights week. There will be posters all around school to give more information. Don't miss it! It only comes once a year!

Grade 8 Human Rights Week

Monday, March 18th, 9pm

The Isf Academy (primary Section), Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

Events during Human Rights Week

Different homerooms will be organizing different events for human rights week:

Fire House : Organizing games in the charles kao square to do with uniting against racism.

Metal : Making stickers stairs to raise awareness.

Earth: Creating a debate against what should we save, polar bears or suffering kids.

Water : Creating an interview video on peoples perspective on human rights. It will be played during lucy time so be sure to be there

Wood: Organizing a book donation club and will donate to children in need. Be sure to donate your old books to someone who needs it