Virtual Classes

Change in Policies


I am emailing you yet again for what feels like the one millionth time. I apologize for inundating your email boxes, as I am sure they are being filled by other companies as well.

I mentioned in the last email and in my Facebook lives that I may make changes to what we were doing, so that I can figure it out.

I believe I have figured out a BETTER way and I am sure there will be kinks along the way, and we will all work through them together.

Being that many of you are at home, I am sure you have the usual interruptions of daily life with loved ones, as I do. Therefore practicing at our class times may be rather challenging and hard. So we will be providing 1 class per day for a 12hr window, this way you can practice on your own, when time presents itself and still get your yoga in.

The following is how we will work this and get it to run.

  • Students will log onto their Mind-body accounts and register for either the am or pm class of that day.
  • Registration must be done by 8:30am (it may be best to do this the day before)
  • At 9am a mass email to those who are registered will be sent out with a link to our YouTube channel.
  • You can not access the class without the link, even if you can find our YouTube Channel
  • This link will be taken down by 9pm that night
  • A new class will be uploaded for the next day
  • If you are up for a class package, your account will let you know and you can purchase through there.
  • If you are a new member, make sure to take advantage of our UNLIMITED SPECIAL
  • If you are new member with a Groupon, please email us and we will set your account up with you

This is a way to get our studio to you at your convenience. You can not do so without a proper email, and your mind-body account. If you are having any problems with you MindBody Acct, please email me and I will call you and we can try to fix it over the phone.

Dani will also do another FB LIVE on our regular FB account this evening at 7pm, to go over this and any questions you may have.

Going forward if this is successful (which I believe it will be) this will be an avenue we will continue to explore to get you virtual classes, perhaps when you are unable to make it to class.

All packages will be extended for the time that we are PHYSICALLY CLOSED. For example if your expiration date for a package was 5/1/20, and we are closed for 2 weeks, it will be extended until 5/15/20. However we do not know how long we will be closed at this time, but all packages will reflect closures.

Thank you for your time and patience,

Stay well and healthy, and we will all manage and get through this together!

Love and Light ALWAYS,