Tax Returns

By: Mohammad G

Forms needed

W2 provided by employer

1040EZ Provided by bank

Tax return chart


Step by Step tax form

Use the W-2 to fill in the 1040 EZ form.

Fill in box 1 to look at the 1099INT form box 1 wages tips etc

Look at the W2 form for the taxable interest insert into box 2 on the 1040EZ

Enter the unemployment if any received

Add box 1,2,3 on the 1040EZ form

You need to claim you or a spouse then go back off the form.

Add 350 to the wages salaries or tips.

That number goes in the C

Then on part D,E, and G you claim as a single you do 6,300

Enter 6,300 into box 5

Then read on to subtract 6,300 from line 4

Now you look at the 1099INT form to find the federal income tax withheld number 2

Enter that number in into number 7

If there is no earned income tax put 0

Then add line 7 and 8a to get number 9

Look back and add number 6 use that number in the tax chart.

Then look back at the tax table to find the number as single use that number to get number 10 on the 1040EZ form.

If any health care use that number or enter 0 if there is not any.

Add line 10 and 11 to get number 12

If line 9 is larger then 12 subtract line 12 from line 9 and you get what that person owes enter the number he owes in number 14

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