Mosaic Laws

Stories from the Mosaic times

Four sheep, One crime

People stealing sheeps and oxes are an event that occurs regularly in the village. This most recently occurred four days ago when a woman stole a sheep from a family in the next village. During the night, the woman walked over to the next village and snuck into a family’s barn and stole a female sheep. It is not yet known exactly why this woman stole the sheep, but villagers seem to believe it was because she need the sheep’s milk to help feed her children. Once the owner of the sheep identified the sheep the woman was then taken before a judge by the owner so he could get restitution on the theft. The judge ruled that the woman and her family will have to give the owner and his family four sheep(Exodus 21:01). This is considered a fair ruling because in the past this is what other judges have ruled making that the precedent for the crime of theft of a sheep. The woman and her family are now struggling to buy four sheep to give to the family for her crime.

The love story of John and Sarah

In the village, most people believe that a man and women should be married before entering into any sexual relation with another. However, this is not always the case. In the village, there are many young women who are unmarried that decided to pursue unmarried men. This is something that does not happen often but is not a surprising event in the village. One night an unmarried woman named Sarah and the unmarried man named John, who had an attraction to each other, decided to have intercourse with each other. The day after this incident had occurred the word of the relationship had gone all over town. Many people were against this and decided to take both Sarah and John before a judge to inform him of what had happened so society could get the proper retribution. Since this is something that has occurred before in town the judge knew how to treat this. The judge ruled that John and Sarah must be wed and that he must pay the bride-price to her father (Exodus 22:16) John and Sarah are to wed before friends and family in less than a month.

Silver Stealer

On the night after the sabbath, a man named David gave his neighbour, Jedidiah, silver to keep safe while he went out of town for three night. “ I trusted him because we are very close friends and I have known him my whole life, he is a very trustworthy man,” claimed David. On the second night of David’s travel out of town, his neighbour left the silver unattended in his home and when he got back he noticed that the silver was stolen. He then went out around to see if anyone else had seen anyone coming from inside his house who might have stolen the silver. A young woman told him that she saw a man named Josiah running from his house with a brown bag full of something unknown. Jedidiah then went to judge, on David’s behalf, who informed the villagers to bring forward Josiah if they saw him. Two days later, after David’s return home, Josiah was taken forward to a judge where it was clear he had stolen the silver. The judge then ruled that Josiah would then have to pay back David double of what he stole in Silver (Exodus 22:07). David was very pleased with the restitution he received.
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The unfortunate incident of the ox in the Hole

One morning a few days ago a man and his wife decided to dig a pit for personal use, in an empty field which they owned but was not closed off, so animals would wander in the field on many occasions. As the pit took supposedly took all day to dig claimed the wife, the man and his wife failed to cover the pit before they left it unattended to warn others of the pit. As they never returned to cover the pit it would now be treated as they were negligent in making it safe for others. During the night, a family's ox fell into the pit and was killed. “When I woke to go and feed my ox I noticed he was missing so I went on a walk to find my ox after walking for a while I finally found him in the bottom of the uncovered pit, my ox was dead,” said the owner of the ox. The owner of the ox and the owner of the pit then went before to the judges to explain what had happened. The judge went with the precedent what was set and ruled that the owner of the pit has to pay the ox’s owner for his losses and he also had to take the dead ox (Exodus 21:34) As restitution the man received an ox and three sacks of flour.

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The wicked man

On the night after the sabbath, a girl named Mary was abducted from her home by a wicked man. After her parents noticed that she was missing, they went to the judge and got help with finding their daughter. The town searched for five days to help the worried parents, many thought that Mary might have run away from her family to go and live in another town but her mother claimed “Mary’s disappearance was a very unusual thing for her, she never goes anywhere without telling her father or me, she would never run away we love her.” On the eighth day after Mary’s disappearance, when people started to venture out of town to look for her, she was found in a home of the master, a wicked man sold her to. Getting Mary freed from this home was a difficult experience but the judges allowed Mary to be freed and return to her family. The kidnapper was then identified two days later by both the master who bought Mary and by Mary. The wicked man was then sentenced to death for the kidnapping and selling of Mary (Exodus 21:16). The man will be put to death the day after the next sabbath in the town square.


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