Hero Project

Katy M

My mom

My mom is my hero because she is always there for me and will always be there for me. Not only does she look out for those that are close to her, but she tries her best to help every person she can. She has shaped me into who I am today because she has showed me how fortunate I am and taught me to truly want to give back and help those who aren't as lucky as me. I am also inspired by her many passions such as golf, running, photography, and charity work.
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Passion Project

This topic connects to my personal hero, my mom, because she has always been an incredibly healthy eater. Whenever we have family meals she usually has a slightly different meal than the rest of us so that it is healthier. She is always nagging me and my sisters to eat healthier and I used to kind of ignore her. But I slowly started making changes in my diet and felt generally better with each small improvement. Eventually I got to a point where I wanted to make a huge change in my diet and switch to a vegan diet. My mom is not a vegan herself but she is a healthy eater and if it weren't for her I would have never become a vegan.
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