by: The Clemente Family


Roberto Clemente spent his life helping others and died while doing so. He was dedicated to family, baseball, and adding in many cases total strangers. Before the modern era of slick publicists, Twiter, and Facebook, Clementee empowered the poor and towntrodden with little acclaim.


He died in a plain crash fourty years ago while en route to help the nicaraguan people who had been devasatated by an earthquake. the plane was overloaded with tons of supplies.



Roberto Clemente meet his wife in a brug store. She has just won a big spot in the company and she wanted to celebrate in “Grande”. She when to the drug store were Roberto was sitting in a chair in the front wondering, she went in the store , when she went out again Roberto ask “what's your name?” she was shy bus she answer “im Vera Cristina.” Roberto was really into her that he when to the office were Vera worked to ask her to lunch and from that date one he say that he was going to marry her.


ROBERTO CLEMENTE JJ: in my mind, he is always floating

TONYBARTIROME: he had these huge, strong hands. People always thought that because he hit with such power he was this big guy. He wasn't, especially by today’ standards. He’d come into spring training at 185 pounds. At the end of the season, he was 181. the power came from does hands.

LUIS CLEMENTE: I remember when we were kids and we were playing with these toy guns with the suction cup. We were shooting then at a sliding glass door. It was getting late and we were loud. My dad slid back the door. He had this big hands. He grabbed our heads and said “ you're going to bed now”

ROBERTO CLEMENTE JR: If I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing he’d just give me a look and I’d stop. He didn’t have to day a word.

LUIS CLEMENTE: ricky looks the most like our dad now, but I’ve learned everything about him. I try to treat people tha way he treated people.

JUSTINO CLEMENTE WLALKER: Roberto cared about people he didn’t know. He also understood the impact he could have on peoples lives. Just saying hello. Or going by hospitals to visit patients. He would go the funerals of strangers. He used to say, “ I go to everyone else’s funerals but maybe no one will come to mine.”

LUIS CLEMENTE: think about the irony of my dad wondering if people would go to his funeral. He never really got to have a funeral

STEVE BLASS: Roberto could be serious, but people forget he could also be very, very funny. He was constantly cracking jokes. I went up to him one time and said, “ if I ever get traded, and I face you, I’m going to pitch you inside.” he said, “if you pitch me inside, I will hit the f******g ball to Harrisburg.”

LUIS CLAMENTE: my dad loved the U.S. and he was also very proud to be a Puerto Rican. He wanted each of his kids to bo born in Puerto Rico. We all were.


In Puerto Rico, in honor of Roberto Clemente we build the “El Coliseo Roberto Clemente” on the impact and example of “BORICUA” that we have or had

Rest in peace

Descanse en paz


Roberto Clemente was the first Latino to play in the big leagues and the first Hispanic to play in a white baseball team. Clement was a winner but he didn’t just think about himself, he though and act to help the poor, that was the way he died.