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Tips, tricks and recommendations: April 2016

This Month's Focus: Creating Greeting Cards in Mac Mail!

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Although not a new feature in Mac Mail, the Stationery Pane is an often overlooked feature of the pre-installed Mail application on all Mac computers. I use it all the time to send invitations, birthday messages and more. You can compose a short message, drag and drop a photo from the Photos application (or on your desktop), and immediately email a sweet message to friends and family. First, open the Mail application and follow these steps!

  1. In the toolbar of the message window, click the Stationery button .

  2. View template choices by clicking a category, such as Announcements.

  3. Click a thumbnail to view a template.

    After you decide on a template, click the Stationery button to hide the categories so you have more room to see your message.

  4. Replace the default text with your own words, and drag your own images over default images.

    To use photos in the Photos application, click the Photo Browser button in the toolbar (top right corner, to the left of the stationery pane ). If you have a folder of images on the desktop or in Finder, you can drag and drop one into the greeting card.

You can also create your own stationery template! In a new message, format text and add images, then choose File > Save as Stationery. Your stationery appears in the Custom category.

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App of the Month: PBS

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How much do I love this app? A LOT! I can watch the latest American Masters profile, Masterpiece Theater, Independent Lens (excellent source for new docs!), Call the Midwife, and so much more. PBS shows cycle through the app, so if you missed watching your weekly fix of Vivian in "A Chef's Life" on your television, you can find the show on this awesome app.

Bravo, PBS!

Want a new Siri voice on your iPhone?

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Looking for an alternative to the default Siri on your phone, an American female who sounds like a know-it all? Siri comes in many languages, but if you want to stick with English, there are some softer accents. My fav is "Australian male" but you can choose American, British, or Australian accent, male or female. Have fun sampling the voices!

Here's how:

On your iPhone, go to Settings--General--Siri. Then choose a language (i.e., English (Australian), and a Siri Voice (male or female). You'll hear a sample of the voice when you touch "male" or "female" under Gender.

Do you prefer individual or group lessons?

Some people like one-on-one lessons, some like small group classes, some like larger groups. What is your preferred learning style? I offer instruction for one person or many! I also make presentations for larger groups. Email me for information on individual or group lessons: mig@migformac.com. Thank you.