By Ashton & Brandy


The most language that people speak is German,lower Sorbian , North Frisian and etc.

Where Germany is located.

Germany is located in central Europe.

The capital of germany is Berlin

Religions of Germany

The religions that germany has include roman catholic, muslim, etc.

Economy of Germany

The German economy-the fifth largest economy in the world in Purchasing Power Parity terms.

Major Landmarkes of Germany

Schloss Neuschwanstein ,The Brandenburg Gate,The Berlin Wall,

The major bodies of water .

IT is the North Sea because its the closest to germany then other seas.

The major cities.

Berlin, Hamburg and München (Munich), are Millionenstädte - cities with a population of more than one million. Another nine German cities have a population of more than 500,000 people.

General Seasonal Weather Conditions

Germany has a temperate climate throughout the country with warm summers and cold winters, however long periods of frost or snow are rare. Extremes temperatures sometimes reach -10 degrees celcius (5 Fahrenheit) in winter and 35 degrees celcius (95 Fahrenheit) in the summer months.

Average rain fall

Rain falls throughout the year. The average monthly January daytime temperature is 3 degrees celcius (38 degrees Fahrenheit) and in July it's 22 degrees celcius (72 degrees Fahrenheit).

Average Temperature

In germany its mostly cloudy

Popular Music

Electronic,Rock(Neue Deutche Harte,Krautrock,Ostrock)

Hip pop,Highlife,Heavy metal,Neue Deutche Welle,Opera,Schlager,Volkstumliche Musik,Cabaret.