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Resouces and industries

Manitoba farms a lot its there Iargest . They grow lots of wheat cause its the most important crop. It produces most sunflower seeds in Canada! in most of the time manufacturing is major for its economy. For Manitobans flin flon , the pas, bisett and Thompson are full of nickel. mostly mined in Thompson.


spring is 6/6 c summer is 22/10 c winter is -12/22 c fall is 7/-3 c. Manitoba holds records for swings in summer to winter
The University of Manitoba's Extreme Weather Expert
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senators:6 liberals:1 conservatives:2 vacancies:3. members of parliament:14 liberals:1 conservatives:11 new democratic party:2


total population 1,282,043 north American aboriginal 17% other north American 19% European 72% Caribbean 1% latin,central and south American 2% African 2% Asian 1% oceania 0%


Manitoba covers 649,950 square kilometers. 6.5 percent of Canada is Manitoba . nearly the size of mexico. Manitoba has varied in wild life . in the early history of Manitoba herds of bison roamed the praires but bison hunters killed many animals , bison nearly became extinct.