Dear Parents,

This is a very short week of only four days and two of them are half days. Starting this week until the end of this school year, we will be preparing our singing and dancing event of our End of the Year Program “Adios Amigos” show for our parents. The list of food donations for our Taco Bar was sent today to you in our communication envelope. If you have any questions, please let us know. We want to have an early luncheon and will be asking different families to donate different items for our “Taco Bar.”

Both PK-3 and PK-4 will be taking part in the show and the luncheon. We plan to sing a Father’s Day song for our Dads at the end of the show. So Dads please be sure and come!

Tomorrow Thursday May 26th, we have our annual field trip to the zoo. We also want to inform you that it is NOON DISMISSAL. If your child has older brothers and sisters waiting for you to return from the zoo to pick them up, please know that they may wait in extended care in the PK-4 room until no later 1 pm. This means you need to leave the zoo by 12:30 pm to get to school in time so you are not charged for extended care for those older children. Sra. Farías will be in the PK room taking care of siblings until you arrive to pick your children up. Then Sra. Laura will take over for regular extended care until 3pm and Sra. Berenice will do extended care from 3-6 pm.

Children who eat free or reduced lunch will get a lunch prepared at school by the school cafeteria. You might still want to send a bag of snacks and extra drinks. Parents are not allowed to buy foods or drinks for children during our field trip. If you want to stay later than 12:00 or 12:30 pm, please do so with your family. Only parents that are helping us drive children there need to return to school between 12:00 and 12:30 pm. You will need to find your teacher and sign – out before leaving the zoo to go to your homes.


• Tomorrow Thursday PK-4 won’t attend Mass. We have our field trip to the zoo. Dress your children in play clothes. Hopefully it will not rain, but if it looks like rain be sure and send raincoat or umbrella. Please be here by 9:20 to leave for the zoo. If you live close to the zoo and want to meet us there, you need to call the office and let us know. We will take your tickets to you by 10:00 a.m. Children otherwise dropped off at school at regular time will go to class like always and get breakfast before we leave. Parents may wait at school or return at 9:20 to leave.

• Wednesday and Thursday May 25th and 26th are early dismissal days for Conferences.

• Thursday May 26th field trip to the Point Defiance Zoo.

• Memorial Day. No school on Friday and Monday (May 27 and 30th.)

• Walk-a-Thon will be held on Friday June 3rd.

• End of the Year program, “Adios Amigos” will be on Thursday June 16th after Mass at 10:15.

Curriculum News:

Oral Language/Science. We will be talking about the zoo and the animals we can find there. Read-Aloud Time. “Welcome to Zippity Zoo.” – “Bienvenidos al Zoológico de Zippity.”

Math. Review of numbers, tracing and matching with the same number of manipulatives.

Religion. God Forgives and Help Us. This lesson will discuss how God and parents love children even when they have done something wrong. The importance of saying “I am sorry” and making things right will also be discussed.

Estrellita Phonics: Review all letter sounds to begin the lesson. The letters N, n, V,v, and is our focus for this week again due to the different letter sounds it makes when paired with different vowels (nido, vaca). Children will learn new words that begin with these consonant sounds. Children will be tracing and writing the letter forms and learning songs related to the letter sounds.

Have a wonderful week and long Memorial Day weekend!


Sra. Raquel L., Sra. Farías and Sra. Laura P.