Amelia Earhart

A Once in a life time experience

Entering a New World

Amelia Mary Earhart entered her new world on July 24th, 1897 @ 11:30 pm from her beloved parents Edwin (dad) and Amy (mom) Earhart. As she grew up in Atchison, Kansas she had lots of friends, she loved playing and always smiling.

The Flight Show That Changed Her Life

Amelia Earhart grew up fast, well at least it felt like it. One day in her teens her dad took her to a flight shown and when the planes zoomed through the sky. It took her by suprise when even more planes came to join the ones that in Amelias opinion already were outstanding. After the flight show this was Amelias dream to be the first ever lady pilot but also to be the first lady pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and if she is still up to it to fly around the world.

Pictures Of Amelia Earharts Life

Have you learned about Amelia Earharts life?

High Flying

Flying high was Amelia Earharts thing. When she died other women hooked on to flying planes. And guess what, you'll never belive this but Amelia Mary Earhart is the reson women fly planes to day. And thats a fact that is hard to belive.

By: Madison Scholten