Their story. The life of an Immigrant.

The Takeoff

Mother, father, Braden, and I are just getting on the gigantic ship. Were very disappointed to leave our home, Ireland. The potato famine over took all of us, so we have to leave. Otherwise we probably would die of hunger! My name is Brianna Cadigan and this is my story of coming to America.

The Long Ride

It has been 3 days and we are downstairs with lots of other families. We are all starving and desperate to seek land! The captain said you'll know your in America if you see the Statue of Liberty. I heard that America is called the Golden City! Well, not literally. They called that because we would finally have freedom and start a new life! Anyways, we got to get rest!
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The Arrival

We just got to America! The Statue of Liberty is even more beautiful that I thought! We are going to Ellis island right now. We need to get checked to see if we don't have any kind of diseases. But overall, We are all so happy! It's time to start a new life!
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