Tech Ninja Blast

Week of November 16, 2015

忍者 - Clarity and Focus

The Ed-Tech Ninjas:

A team of teacher leaders that have a strong interest in assisting their colleagues in learning how to better implement technology in the classroom.

Their Mission:

  1. GAFE - Facilitate Google Apps for Ed (GAFE) training for teachers at their sites in order to promote 21st C skills during pre-established staff meetings, scheduled collaborative sessions, or one-on-one if and when it is convenient for the individual.
  2. Vet the Tech - Explore and experiment with new kinds of Ed-Tech and share out their findings with colleagues around the educational value such tools may or may not offer during pre-established staff meetings, scheduled collaborative sessions, or one-on-one if and when it is convenient for the individual.
  3. Walk the Walk: Embrace a growth mindset by continuously learning and modeling best practices of classroom tech integration and share out information pertaining to the use of educationally relevant technologies during staff meetings.

The Ninjas are not responsible for providing direct support to any other technology needs such as fixing printers, troubleshooting wifi connectivity, resolving system login issues, hardware installations, etc. For these matters, please contact Bruce Cates or your school's computer tech support person.

This Week's "JOT": Just One Thing!

This weeks JOT comes our way compliments of Kelly Terry - middle school science teacher. Ms. Kelly uses ED Puzzle to create video-enhanced lessons that increase student engagement and interactivity while they view science related videos. This is a great way to transform what is usually seen as a passive activity - watching videos - into an active, brains-on video-enhanced lesson for your class. Best of all... it's Google login (yay! one less account!), it has built in analytics (to monitor student activity), and it's FREE!!

Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

Demo Edpuzzle

Article of Inspiration!

A new addition to the Ninja Blast - we're calling it "Article of Inspiration" (AI) - A weekly pick of a high-interest article that challenges you to stretch your thinking in a potentially new and exciting direction. This week's AI: 10 Indicators of Efficient Teaching. As teachers, time is clearly the most valuable asset we have. How might we ensure that we're making the most of it on behalf of our students?

TeachThough is a fantastic education blog, positioned on the cutting edge of all things education, covering a wide range of perspectives, emerging education trends, and innovative thinking around all things teaching and learning. Enjoy!

Where's Binder This Week?

  • Mon, Nov 16: DO - G. Forms work, CAASPP Data movement, LCAP and PD planning
  • Tues, Nov 17: MS - Ed Tech Support, DO - Illuminate Education Meeting
  • Wed, Nov 18: FG Ed Tech Support, MCOE Ed Tech Council
  • Thurs, Nov 5: CHS, Adult Ed. - Ed Tech Support
  • Fri, Nov 6: RD Ed Tech Support, CHOMP Tech Meeting, HS ILT Meeting