Shawn mendes

A young male singer

What the heck?!?

I know I know you are probably thinking in your head.. Who the heck is Shawn medndes?!.Well Shawn is bacsiclly a seventeen year old silly singer. He was born in Canada and has one sister.

The next Justin bebier

One night Shawn mendes posted an 6 second video on posted it on a popular app called vine. Just over night he got over 8 million views on vine. A couple weeks after people finally noticed the awesome male singer. After the first month that this video was out on the Internet Shawn mendes has became the next Justin bebier.

Fun facts

8. I’m on tour with Taylor Swift and secretly watch her set from the crowd every night.

9. I wanted to act before I sang.

10. I play Boom Beach on my iPad every night.

11. I believe vitamin C can fix everything.

12. Manuka honey is magic.

13. The Rock tweeted back at me.

14. I always have to use the bathroom before going on stage.

16. I secretly like to cook.

17. I used to think I was a wizard.

18. I love almonds.

19. I have bus slippers.

20. I’ve lost my wallet over 10 times.

21. I’ve broken my phone screen over five times.

22. I love to swim but hate deep water.

23. I’m not afraid of heights.

24. But I would never bungee jump.

25. I think British Columbia is the best place on Earth

13. Shawn can speak three different languages.
14. Apparently, his favourite food is Chinese. Lovely.

Shawns events🙇🏻


2014Teen Choice Awards[30]Choice VinerShawn MendesNominated

Choice Web Star: Male

Choice Web Star: MusicWon

2015Juno Awards[31]Breakthrough Artist of the YearNominated

iHeartRadio Music Awards[32]Best Fan Army

Canadian Radio Music Awards[33]Best New Group or Solo Artist: CHR"Life of the Party"

Shorty Awards[34]Vine MusicianShawn MendesWon

Radio Disney Music Awards[35]Best New ArtistNominated

Much Music Video AwardsBest Pop Video"Something Big"

Fan Fave VideoWon

Fan Fave Artist or GroupShawn MendesNominated

Most Buzzworthy Canadian

Teen Choice Awards[36]Choice Web Star: MusicWon

Choice Male ArtistNominated

Choice Summer Music Star: Male

Choice Song: Male Artist"Stitches"

Choice Music: TV or Movie Song"Believe" from Descendents

Streamy Awards[37]Breakthrough ArtistShawn MendesWon

MTV Europe Music AwardsBest New

Best Push

Best Canadian ActNominated

2016People's Choice Awards[38]Favourite Breakthroughout ArtistWon

Juno Awards[39]Artist of the YearPending

Fan Choice Awards

Album of the YearHandwritten

Pop Album of the Year

Kids Choice Awards[40]Favorite New ArtistShawn Mendes

iHeartRadio Music Awards[41]Best New Artist

Best Fan Army

Shawn mendes

Shawn mendes is very loyal and good to his fans. he always thanks and blames the fans for him getting famous❤️

Shawn is taken?!?🙀😡

Even though Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes aren't actually dating (or so they claim), the duo has been spotted together a lot lately while promoting and performing their duet "I Know What You Did Last Summer." And we can't get enough of the sweet photos that come of their public appearances. From performing at the People's Choice Awards to being silly on tour to getting cozy on the red carpet, these are all the times Camila and Shawn were the cutest noncouple ever.

Just go for the win shawn!!

Can we talk about how adorable Shawn Mendes is? The singer won breakthrough artist at the People's Choice Awards this year, and he got up on stage and thanked the people who really mattered the most: the fans. It's crazy-sweet, and it's the perfect lead-in to his performance, which came minutes later. Watch, and prepare to be even more obsessed with Mendes!